Drew the Android

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Joey's dad builds him an android and let's him pick out the droid's personality. Joey soon finds out that his choice wasn't the best. He sees that variety is the spice of life, that when put together creates a much better world.

Drew the Android

Drew opened his blue eyes for the first time. He blinked.
“Dad, he looks so real,” Joey said. His Dad had worked on the android for over a year. “Joey, what do you want Drew to be like?” his Dad asked.
“Really?” Joey’s eyes enlarged as he reached out to Drew and poked him. “Dad he didn’t move.”
“He’s not programmed yet.”
“I want him exactly like me.”
“You want a 10 year old, curious and only child? Are you sure?”
“Yes Dad, I want him to like everything I like.”
“OK, I’ll program it into Drew. Go upstairs. I think Mom has breakfast for you.”
“I want to watch,” Joey said in a moan.
“No, I need to concentrate. You go. I’ll let you know when I’m finished.”
The day went slow for Joey. As it grew dark he heard his Mom tell him to go to bed.
“Just a little longer Mom; I’m waiting for Dad.”
“You can talk to him tomorrow. Go to bed now.”
“Oh, Mom”
Joey slowly climbed the steps. He got to the last step and sat down. When he heard the basement door he flew down the steps and nearly ran into Dad.
“Whoa! Here is your new friend.”
Drew looked at Joey and poked him in the cheek. “Hey, what was that for?”
Drew tilted his head and smiled. Everyone laughed except Joey. “Take Drew to your room and go to sleep. We have church tomorrow,” Dad said and he rubbed his own eyes.
“Can Drew go with us?”
“Yes, Drew is going with us.” Dad said as he put his arm around Mom’s shoulder.
“Now go to bed,” Mom said firmly as she pointed upstairs.
“But I’m not tired,” Drew said as he made no attempt to move.
“Go” Dad said firmly. They both put their heads down and stomped up the stairs. Drew ran ahead of Joey and jumped on the bed.
“That’s my bed,” Joey said angrily. He turned and shouted, “Dad!”
“There are things we need to work out. Drew you sleep on the floor tonight.”
“Oh, Dad!” he said and then looked at Joey, “I get the bed tomorrow night.”
“We’ll talk about that tomorrow. Lie on the floor and shut down. Turn yourself on at 7:00 am.”
“Ok Dad,” Drew said. Joey turned his head towards Drew and sighed, then plopped his head on his pillow. He was sound asleep as Dad put his cover on him.
The sun peaked through the window. “Get up!” Drew said as he headed to the bathroom. Too tired to fight, Joey let him have his toothbrush. He didn’t want to brush anyway.
Back in the room, Drew picked up Joey’s Bible. “Can you read?” Joey asked.
“Sure I can read, can you?” Drew tilted his head as he looked at the pictures. Joey rolled his eyes and exhaled. They both ran down stairs. Joey beat him to the table.
Dad was reading his newspaper. Drew hit the newspaper before he sat down. Dad dropped it and ruffled his hair. Joey just stared. Mom put a plate of bacon and eggs in front of Joey. “Can Drew eat?”
“Yes, but not what we eat,” Dad said as he pushed a plate in front of Drew. Both boys dug into their food.
“I can’t wait for the guys to meet Drew.” Joey gulped down his milk.
“Just remember the reason we go to church is to acknowledge Jesus.”
“Yes, Mom”
“Yes, Mom”
Joey was irritated that Drew called them Mom and Dad. Drew looked at him and stuck out his tongue. Joey did it back. “Don’t teach him that,” Mom said as she scooped more eggs on his plate.
“He did it first,” Joey said.
“No I didn’t.”
“Boys, stop fighting. We want to have our minds on Jesus before we get to church.”
There was a fight over who was going to sit in the back by the driver’s window. Dad had to settle it again. There was a fight to open Mom’s door. Again Dad settled it. At church, they both ran in and found Billy. He was playing with a Lego car.
“Want to see it?” Drew took the car before Billy finished his sentence. Drew started to take the car apart when Billy took it back from him. Joey, red faced said, “Drew, go find Mom and Dad.”
“You’re not the boss of me.”
Joey put his head down and slowly walked towards Mom who was talking to a lady.
Later that night after Drew was sleeping; Joey walked into Dad’s bedroom. “Dad, I don’t like Drew.” Dad sat up in his bed and smiled. “Understand this Son, God made us different. Maybe we should make Drew different.”
Joey stood there, his eyes became smaller, his hand went to the side of his face. “Why Dad?”
“Take Mom and I for instance. We are opposites. I’m very detailed and she is care free. I’d rather be doing something; she likes to talk to people. If we were both the same I don’t think we would be compatible. Let’s give him a different personality and see if that works.”
“Are you going to make him opposite of me?”
“We will start there and fine tune him as we go along.”

Joey skipped back to his room glad there weren't two of him.


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