Drowning in Obsession

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This is definitely not my usual style, and when I wrote it I more was going to prove I could... but it turned out well, if very dark. The mushy mushy love stuff was interesting to write, and I hope you the reader feel I have pulled it off successfully.
It's also a lot shorter than my usual, but then I did write this a while ago.

Drowning in Obsession

True love is all consuming. Or so the man thought. But, he mused, not everyone has what I have. His life had taken on a new purpose when he met her. They’d sat next to one another in a collage course. She had been late to class on the first day, and the seat next to the man had been the only one left that could be reached without climbing a cross rows of students. Fate hadn’t given her much choice, but he liked to think that this only showed how they had been meant to be together.
She had been beautiful then and was beautiful still. The man loved everything about her. She had dark green eyes, and you could almost see a cheerful and happy spirit dwelling within them, sharing a quiet laugh with you and you alone. As if the joke was so wonderful that to give it anything more than this look would ruin it forever.
His love had skin that was soft, and tanned to the color of rich honey. It was so pure and beautiful all in its own. No imperfections, and completely natural. Oh, she had all the makeup and lipstick that was common for a girl to possess, but it was only on rare occasion that the man saw her wear it.
But the thing he loved about her the most was her hair. She was brunette, with such a rich, earthy color it her hair it seemed to glow with life. Her hair was soft, flowing down like a gentle river. It was beautiful, and sometimes the man thought he could drown in it. But not here. This was a gentle river, never to do any harm, for that wasn’t its nature.
And her scent! She used a lavender shampoo, and she always had a wonderful aroma of the flower upon her. The man had come to associate her with the smell. Thinking of this he pulled out his wallet. Inside was a picture, one of her he’d taken recently. When he felt he missed her too much, he would pull out the picture. He would never admit it to anyone, but he had actually put a bit of her shampoo on the back of the picture, so that it would have her scent. Not that he would be smelling it now however.
He was in fact heading to her home, so he would see her soon enough. It was only a few blocks away, so he was walking. She lived on her own in a small house in a cul-de-sac. The house technically wasn’t hers, but her uncles, but he let her use it as he lived year round in a summer home these days. He had made a fair amount of money in his youth apparently. The man had started renting a tiny apartment that was close by just so that he would be within walking distance. Moving in would be a little too difficult for him.
So as he crossed a street he put the picture safely back in his wallet. He always started feeling nervous when he went to see his love. His stomach seemed to be trying to digest itself, and he felt oddly light as he lifted his feet. He always got this way, but upon seeing his love he would get such an exhilarating rush as to make it all worth the while.
He was just turning onto the street, and the sun was getting low in the sky. A little dog started barking from someone’s back yard. Its little yips seemed to make his unease worse. For a moment his mind started to tell him “no no, turn back, this is insane. She can’t love you, you are a fool, stop dreaming of the unattainable,” and his heart would reply “she is my love, and I cannot be slowed by my own self doubts, carry on.” And it seemed that he argued with himself forever, but in the end his heart won. He was only afraid because this is what mattered to him more than anything. His love. For only a fool would give up what he wanted most just because of how scared its importance made him.
Finally he reached her door. But his mind was whispering its doubts to him again. This was his regular routine. For some reason every time he came this would happen. He would reach her door, and stand there frozen, as if his blood had turned to ice, and his flesh to stone. Why is it so hard to work up the nerve to knock on a damn door, he thought. And before he could resolve to do anything, his mind was made up for him.
The door opened.
As she stepped out it was such a wave of conflicting emotions that struck the man. A part of him was grateful for the chance to lay eyes upon her again, but he felt such fear at the same time…
“May I help you?” she asked, a slightly confused look on her face.
This wasn’t how things were supposed to go. He was overjoyed to hear her voice, but he didn’t know how to respond, so he didn’t.
“Sir?” she inquired, starting to look a bit worried.
“STOP!” the man screamed. This wasn’t how things were supposed to be. He never knocked on the door. He never came in when anyone was home. His mind always knew it, that what was going on was a mistake, but in his heart he was so overwhelmed. He couldn’t help himself. And now she had ruined it. She had clearly displayed that his heart was leading him down a life that wasn’t real. All that spying, stalking, had been wrong. His mind had always known it, and knew it all the more clearly now. And his mind told him to run. But his heart, his mad raging heart, won. For a fool didn’t give up his love. His love.
“It’s me my love, don’t you recognize me?” his voice came out as a whine, as he was barely breathing. “Don’t do this!”
“WHAT?!” she yelled. It was close to a scream. And in his mind, and even a bit in his heart, he knew that she may start screaming anyway. And that would be bad. Very bad. Before she got the chance to cry out, he rushed forward to cup his hand over her mouth. He had to calm her down. She would make him leave otherwise, and he wouldn’t be able to live with that. She struggled, having tensed up as he began to lunge, and fought for her life. But the man would never really hurt her. She was his love. But his mind knew that he was in trouble. He had to stop her from calling help.
As he fought to restrain the woman, she twisted in his grip, and he saw her face. She was in tears. Her face bore a horrified expression, and she was clearly in pain. This is terrible! His heart screamed at what he saw. He was hurting his love. In a quick clumsy action he released her, unable to continue this torment. As she was released she flung out past where the man had stood before her door, unable to keep her balance as the man disengaged the struggle. She tripped and fell.
She hit the edge of the curb with her head. Hard. The man didn’t know what to do. His mind was numb. There was no way for him to wrap his head around what had happened. And the man was left shocked. He rushed to her side, feeling as if a giant brick were in his stomach. As he reached her, he could see the damage was done. He rolled her over, propping her head up on his lap.
“My love, we can be together. I’ve been watching you, and I want you to know this. I love you. I would give you the world. It’s nice to finally speak to you.” He was barely whispering. Her skin was going cold in his arms. He stared into her eyes as they glossed over. Veiling the cheerful spirit behind them forever. There was a smell of iron and a bit of something fouler. And the blood from the great dent in her skull, where her head had struck hard cement, spread and dripped down a lock of her hair. Her hair, the once beautiful and gentle river, polluted with the blood of his love. He wept as he cradled her corpse, his mind lost, his heart was allowed to slowly drift in the deep love he felt, and in this love he drowned.


Duncreek, Insanity, Plot Twist, Romance, Sad

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author avatar Stephen W. Griffin
Hello, the name is Stephen and I write what would mostly be classed as horror for the entertainment. I wouldn't advice it for children, but it is fun stuff all the same.

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author avatar XSOSxHawkens
5th Mar 2010 (#)

Wow, that was dark, but good, I think i will start reading your writings. Are you planing on getting urself published?...

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author avatar Stephen W. Griffin
5th Mar 2010 (#)

Eventually. At the moment I'm too busy with school and trying to find work, so I can only do little projects or tiny bits of work on my big ones, so I am mind bogglingly slow about finishing things.

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