Drunkenness is still cool, right?

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Being drunk. It can be funny, serious, a tragedy, a fun time, a time of puking, a sign of weak self control, whatever. But is it still cool, and do you need to be drunk in order to have friends? Yeah.

Pizza night! Yay!

Mother and Father were planning to go to the Land Of The West with another couple, but when this fire swept over Tower Hills they didn't know what was going to happen.

But when we see that the house is still standing, Father lets them know that they can still come. They did organize them one of the guest rooms in Fireton Estates, just for in case, but in the end it seems they can sleep in Tower Mansion, if they don't mind the smell of smoke. Seems they don't.

As we usually do on Sunday nights, we go out for pizza, this time with our new friends.

Nelly Cookeroo

On a previous Sunday night, we found Nelly Cookeroo in the pizza place. Nelly was in my Sunday school class years ago, and throughout the years we knew who each other was as we talked once in five years or so.

We even had a brief stint at being friends in about 2007, but we're completely different people and it just doesn't seem to work over the long term. His adult life consists of being a heavy drinker and a drug addict followed by being a drug habit recoverer followed by more heavy drinking and being "cool" in that way of being a drinker and drug user. Also of course it's topped with being a heavy smoker.

Those are just things that never hooked me. I think it's because my parents never were like "naughty boy!!!" and giving me attention if I do wrong things. I'm the youngest of four children, so by the time they raised me they didn't seem to have any fight in them left so they were more like live and let live. So I made up my own boundaries and rules for a good life, and I don't do drugs or smoke or drink heavily because I want to remain healthy for what I want to do in life, and not because my parents would give me a spanking or something if I did.

Nelly seems a tad different. He has a strong urge to go sit down somewhere and drink himself drunk, while having a drink buddy or two with him to do the same, talking about whatever.

I think most all of us after we're done with school and get on in life, we don't just automatically see a lot of people to be friends with every day, unless you're friends with people at work. Most of us end up being very lonely and look for people to hang out with.

This is clearly the case with Nelly. He always wants a drinking buddy to sit down with and drink and smoke and talk. Whenever he sees me, he doesn't just want to see me then and talk a few words then. He wants us to make it a permanent arrangement that we will regularly sit down together and drink and talk and smoke until we can't stand up anymore and it's 5am, and if I'm willing, use drugs.

I don't want to be a stiff prune or something, but I'm just one of those people who want to rather do stuff that build on itself, and spend my time on getting ahead in life, instead of sitting down being useless with a drunk.

Nelly smelly

Anyway, tonight we find Nelly there again, this time with Dwayne, a guy I made a corporate video for in 1995, back in my videography days. Last time I heard, about 10 years ago from Dwayne's reverend brother, they didn't know what happened to Dwayne as Dwayne has run away and was struggling in the dark life.

But, here's Dwayne now, back in town.

Anyway yes, you guessed it - while the pizza is being made, Nelly wants me to come sit down with them at a place near by, and have a drink and a talk.

Whoof!!! Good heavens, Nelly's breath is smelling of booze like nobody's business. He has dark blue bags under his eyes. I hope he hasn't returned to his addict days, because last I heard he was a recovering junkie.

I tell them I'll be there in a minute after I placed my order.

When I get there, the place is closed. But, inside I can see Dwyane and Nelly, and the owner and his wife are still there to one side, probably not having anything particular to go home for. I can see Nelly and Dwayne are telling the owner to come upen the door for me.

So, there I am, and Nelly and Dwayne are as friendly as can be. Nelly gives me his fresh bottle of beer, and gets himself another one.

I have friends! How lovely.

We chat and it's fun, even though these two have no sense of personal space, as drunk people like to stand right in your face and talk to you loudly like that.

Anyway, the conversation is really easy and laid back, as drunk people can spew out conversation like a never-ending machine. Nelly talks about this, then about that. One of his spewings is that he wants me to tell Harrison that steroids will kill him, and that it's not natural to look like Harrison. (Harrison is very muscular and ripped.)

I tell him that I'll oblige and tell Harrison he doesn't like the way he looks. Dwayne laughs his ass off at the prospect of ticking off Harrison, as somebody with Harrison's built will destroy somebody with the poopy frame Nelly has.

Church talk kills friendship

While having a beer and a shooter (well that's all I have anyway, but I can see Nelly has had a helluva lot more, while Dwayne is just mellow and probably isn't quite the addict Nelly is), I'm asked by Nelly:

"So why do I never see you in church anymore?"

Yeah right, a drunk man in a bar should be talking about church. I don't think I can take him quite seriously, but anyway.

"It's a long story. Perhaps I'll tell you some day."

Nope, Nelly insists he wants to know now. So I tell him about how it all started with my being completely and totally sold on Christianity, so much so that I wanted to know all about it.

But of course the more I studied where it came from and how it came about, the more I realized that the truth and religion aren't quite friends.

Dwayne is almost surprized and seems very happy that finally he has found someone to relate to. Through being interrupted by Nelly uninterrupted, Dwayne tries to say how that was exactly what he was going through (in his days of being "lost" to his family, I assume). Dwayne says he completely understands, and tries to confirm just about everything I say on the matter with his own frame of reference.

However, it seems we have opened an ugly, ugly flood gate. Nelly is NOT happy about this. He reacts like a drunken far right person, not hearing anything I'm saying, and being only interested in defending his Christian beliefs.

Dwayne tries to explain to him what I am saying, but Nelly will have nothing of it. In his drunken state, it's obvious he's ready to start a bar fight.

I stay cool and try to steer the conversation away to something else, but Nelly, seeing that I've "turned" his friend Dwayne on him now too, is something between fuming mad, crazy and drunk. He would have defended his faith more aggressively, talking the nonsensical gibberish that religious people do that have no basis in reality, had he not been too drunk to win a physical fight with me.

I'm thrown out of my friendship with Nelly

Whooooooooooookey, bet he's not that happy anymore about his insistent inviting of me to come drink with him till the early morning light this time eh? Where earlier during our socializing session, he said I must go watch a DVD with him and drink and visit some more and he'll take me home later, he now suddenly reminds me:

"Your people are probably waiting for you now (back at the pizza place)."

I thought to say "Hee hee, why don't you just say f... off mmmm?", but decided that maybe this was good. Maybe now Nelly would have seen that him and me sitting down drinking together for hours on end, isn't quite the great idea he might have thought. We're just too different. He's obviously not an intellectual and cannot debate at an intellectual level. His appreciations lie with the simple pleasures of booze, drugs and nicotene, things that are too basic, simple and crude (and self-sabotaging) to stimulate my creative mind.

So I decide to just say thanks for the beer and leave.

"I wonder if that door is locked now", I say, and Dwayne goes over to see.

"I still want to talk to you about this!", Nelly says.

Knowing that it's not a conversation that will have any end or any resolution, I just say "I'll see you around Nelly" and take my leave. Good heavens, Nelly is the one who asked the question of why I don't go to church, I answered him, and now he's made it all about him and his baseless beliefs, and not about me and my not going to church. He's just interested in acting all far right.

"I still wanted to get your cell number!", Dwayne says at the door.

"Oh, we'll talk again soon! Thanks for at least trying to understand what I'm saying. Goodnight!", I answer and Dwayne accepts it friendly as we shake hands and I leave.

Pizza and flavored milk is yummy!

I have pizza and flavored milk with Father, Mother and their guests. I don't know why but I like this adult company much more than people of my own age (I know we're actually of adult age too, but you know what I mean). They're just so... decent and adult, and not drunk beyond comprehension. And we actually laugh and like being friendly with each other.

"Did you tell them about what happened to us today?", Mother asks me.

I didn't. It just didn't seem like those drunken souls had the attention span to listen through a long story anyway.

When we leave and drive away, we can see Nelly and Dwayne still sitting in that bar, drinking and conversing. I suppose they'll stay there until the owner kicks them out. Then if they can't find any other open club or bar, they'll go be drunk at one of their homes until dawn. I suppose that's how humans actually live. Poor creatures, what do they exist for anyway?

I'm so out of touch with how people really are. Thank god, or I'll never like them :)

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