Duality and Continuum

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Some thoughts on the current default of human perspective and the possible progress which could be made on a societal scale if that default is changed.

Duality and Continuum

We as humans seem to think of our world in terms of dualities. Light and dark, good and evil, heavy and light, strong and weak, hard and easy. When one takes a step back however, I believe it is possible to transcend this world view with very positive consequences.

If we are instead able to imagine (and conceive of) our experience of the universe in terms of continuums of value, we can reassess our responses to events and facts as well as change the way we think of purpose, morality, and identity in our lives. I’ll try to make a visual representation of what I’m talking about here which may elucidate the concept.

Normally, from any given individual perspective and from an aggregate social perspective we identity, choose, and respond to people, events, places, and information based on a neurologically and evolutionarily selected for paradigm of reality which helps us “survive” in a resource competitive environment. We select on a very biased basis what we view as advantageous and fear what we believe is dangerous both on a conscious and a subconscious level.


Here we see two labels assigned to ends of the spectrum with our personal experience seeing each as realities in the center. We choose what seems good, or what is at least in the direction of the good along the spectrum, not on a moral or fact based basis, but on the basis of belief systems of advantageousness or danger. Killing someone may be seen as evil by society, but to an individual self protection or personal gain though killing is seen as a good. It allows for peace of mind, preservation of body, and possibly the taking of property. Our judgement is clouded, and society’s judgement of the situation is clouded and confused by the dualistic way in which we understand human action and circumstances. Good and evil become matters of perspective, of timing, of location, of persons involved, of “intent”. Is it possible to look at moral and even everyday situations in a new way which will allow us to clear these clouds and make more rational decisions about the realities everyone faces in their lives?

Here is now I try to look at the world in an attempt to eliminate the difficulties and dangers of a dualistic approach to experience, although I least of anyone have mastered the mindset.

(Myself) —> |–Least Desirability–1–2–3–4–5–6–7–8–9–Most Desirability–|

To look at each and every situation with an independent view toward desirability rather than good or bad. Just because some situation is a 2 on the scale doesn't give cause to label it evil or harmful (although we would call it that today) but it is lower on a continuous scale on which I am not placed. I do not judge myself as the focal point of this scale of positive and negative, I do not suppose that I can make such a judgement. Rather I prefer to view each and every situation and person along an independent scale, to evaluate everything about it/them along a singular scale of which I myself must move forward on. This desirability becomes a rational way to view things in one’s life and always points the way toward the direction we wish to move, but how do we as a society populated by vastly different desirabilities and perspectives apply this mindset to modern ideas and problems?

We as a society must reflect seriously and deeply about our social VALUES, not good and bad which are relative, not this or that, not us and them, but values of where we want to be as a whole. Do we want to be connected? Do we wish to be healthy? Do we wish to be loving? Do we wish to be active? Productive? Cultured? Intelligent? Conscientious? Social? Rewarding? Environmentally minded? Well then we must clearly establish these values as whole continuums of value, and move only in the direction we wish to. Duality, in many of these cases, can be arresting, confusing, destructive, counter intuitive, and harmful. We must learn to become the best version of ourselves by understanding what exactly we are. We are intelligent beings which can see and assess our own existences. We can choose our own perspectives. We can look at problems from many different mindsets. We are masters of our own destinies, and the power to change our world lies in our ability to change ourselves.


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