Duggles resigns

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People will come into your life, and then exit your life again, all the time throughout life. Duggles has come and gone.

Duggles resigns

Mr. Specter has been ill for a very long time. I'm not quite sure what is wrong; Osborn hinted at AIDS and liquor and sleeping around being the problem, and then there's also Mr. Specter's hand that the hospital operated on.

He hasn't been at work for a very long time, but this week he returned.

While he was gone, Duggles did everything. We thought he's doing quite a good job, and wondered why we ever needed more than one person to maintain the garden and keep the cars clean.

After Mr. Specter returned, I didn't see Duggles around anymore. I suspected he was on his leave time or something.

This afternoon, Mother, Harrison and I are having lunch in the West Wing. Harrison is here because his team and him are doing maintenance on the tennis court. Harrison has chosen to make the tennis court's surface a beautiful blue, with green around the playing area. I think that's how they have it at Wimbledon.

Our court on Tower Hills has always been green with biscuit color around it. The last color was a horrible reddish brown almost purple color around the green. That always looked horrible to me.

I think it's going to look beautiful the way Harrison is doing it now.

While the conversation is going on, I hear talk that Fuhmeelee can slide right into the position, now that Duggles is gone.

"Duggles is gone?", I ask.

"He resigned", says Harrison.

I didn't know that.

"He's been gone since Saturday already, without word or tiding", says Mother. It's Thursday today.

Apparently Duggles just sent Osborn with word that Osborn should collect Duggles' salary and bring it to him.

Mother and Harrison guess it's because Uncle Gus and Father said Duggles can't keep his cattle on our land anymore, since there isn't any food for them.

Father and Uncle Gus have a cattle farm, but have always had a big problem since Father had to sell our land when The Chicken Processing Company went bust. To cover the debt, Father had most all of the land cut off from the part that has Tower Mansion on it, and sold it all. All we have left is a small part that has Tower Mansion, the airport, Uncle Gus' house and the laborers' housing, with just the small pieces of land inbetween them all.

On these small pieces of land, Father and Uncle Gus have a cattle farm going, of course not having an abundance of food for their cattle.

At the same time, Duggles, who is just a laborer here and doesn't own the land, has sixteen cattle himself. Father and Uncle Gus let them walk on our land up until now, but now it's become impossible to have them here and still have enough grazing grass for our own cattle. So they finally had to tell Duggles to make another plan with his cattle or get rid of them.

Duggles acted a bit like a child. He was very angry. Not sure what he can't understand about the situation, but maybe he's more angry at the situation.

Anyway, point is he just didn't show up for work anymore and has sent word with Osborn that he's not coming back.

I still remember when Duggles started working here, I can't even remember when. He was very, very, very shy and overtly polite, even to the point where he would almost start crying with being intimidated just at the thought of talking to me or Mother and Father. Not really cry, but just feel all unworthy.

Then of course as time went by, he got a lot of self confidence.

And now it seems he feels he's outgrown us.

Anyway, let him go in life wherever he may find happiness.

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