Duncan Craig: How We Assist Others At Their Time Of Transition From This World To The Next

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The gentleman in this article, Duncan, has given us his permission to share his story with you which concluded his transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of FreePlanets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

I have worked in the past with many souls who needed some kind of assistance in finding their way onward to the next realm which is a world similar to this one and just as solid. Now I work in conjunction with my husband Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez in assisting souls over the cross line to the next world. Here is one recent story. But first, an explanation.

We all at this level of our existence at one time or another face what many of you call “death.” There is no death to speak of, but the transition of the soul body from the physical to another physical body is evident. The soul body upon the transition of so-called “death” is only different in molecular structure and that is why people can pass through walls and other structures. They can also walk through you, the ones still inhabitiing this dimension or earth plane.

Unfortunately, too many souls came to me and through my efforts to assist them they drained me of my energy. For years I refused to help any more. Now I take them one at a time and do not allow more than one into my sphere at any given time.

I take scribings from the starship commanders and others of high acclaim and that is my first priority.

One young gentleman I assisted to cross over had of himself a vocabulary which would have made a sailor blush, but we are not here to judge nor condemn, only to help.

We each have our own path to walk and lessons to learn and some people have a harder time than others.

The gentleman in this article, Duncan Craig, has given us his permission to share his story with you which concluded his transition to the next realm or 'Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on.‘ – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Duncan Introduces Himself

December 14, 2013-12-14

4:10 pm

Duncan Craig: Ho, you can hear me!! Can you see me too, lass?

Rania: Yes, of course, I can.

Duncan Craig: Then you know I have a beer and another pint in my hand!

(Duncan Craig takes a sip of one and a long gulp of the other. He is attired in a red workman’s flannel shirt and black thick pants. I cannot see his footwear as his feet are well under a rough wooden large rectangle table in a rather dimly lit room. He looks to be somewhere in his late to mid-fifties. His hair still retains his musty brown colour. He has large hands and fingers. – Rania)

I wear a corset too, for my back. Bet that sounds a bit funny to you, hey lass?

Rania: Not at all. Many workers in industry wear corsets for the strain on their muscles need correlated support. That is why Health Stores normally furnish such medical supports.

Duncan: Clever girl. Alight then. What’s next, lassie?

Rania: First of all my name is Rania, and my husband’s name is Jamie. He is not here with us at the moment due to work which is keeping him occupied.

Duncan: What sort of work is he engaged in right now, that I might not meet him?

Rania: He is finishing up a project for Captain James Galiac Sananda, and so we are trying to catch up with the Cross Over files in the meantime with my starting them out. He will be along in the next day or so, for we have one more file to attend to before this one hits our roster for completion. Does this answer your question?

Duncan: Aye, lass..er..Rania. Uhum. Ah, well, what happens next? You tell me.

Our Cross Over Policy

Rania: Duncan, we have a policy which requires you as well as all other people we cross over to agree to. And that means precisely that we must acquire your permission to go world wide with your story in hopes of helping others who are in the throes of physical death - for there is no death just a transition from one bodily state to that of another, with the soul being solid moving out of the physical body and into another at time of rebirth - to overcome their fear. Can you agree to this? It will go world wide for all to read who have the means?

Duncan: Larson is what drove me underground. (Duncan places his chin in his large hand and looks sideways, thoughtfully. – Rania) Well, I guess there’s nothing for it, but to agree. Otherwise, I may find myself serving a very long sentence where I am at. Wherever that is. I do not know yet if I am in Chicago or Minneapolis where I was born and raised. A pig farmer’s daughter, I married, and became a pipe fitter in the seismic activity construction canal.

Other Worlds - Other 'Earthen" Planets Are Innumerable

Rania: Alright. Then we may now proceed. What year is it?

Duncan: When I found myself here? When I died? Uh..when I came here? You said there is no real death. Glad to hear that. Cool indeed.

Rania: What was the last year you remember, Duncan?

Duncan: It was two-thousand four. Why? What year is it where you are? Are you on earth?

Rania: Yes, we are on earth. Most planets are made of earth and this planet of earth is called by the Federation of Free Planets and all other sectors of this galaxy as “Angorius.” Just as you have a name and over seven billion people, plants, and animals have names, so do planetary bodies have names as well. The scientists on your planet designate names to stars, and planets because they have not as yet a discernible tie-in with the Federated Body of Planets in communiqué, due to the darkness around the planet, of minds, brought under the scope of evil men and women from distant worlds.

The year is two-thousand thirteen.

Duncan: Boy! That is six to seven years difference from the time I left..from the time I remember!

Rania: Still, it is not too much of a difference.

Meeting Others Upon The Astral Plane

Rania: So Duncan Craig, just why are you here?

Duncan: That is like asking the oxen why it is brown? I died and gone to heaven I suppose…if that is what this is..

Rania: No, you are not in heaven, parse. You do, however, reside within the heavens on a body of land where many things can occur and you have a chance to look around and meet other people from other times and educate yourself therewithe.

Duncan: Hold on, I’m going out for a smoke. I don’t want to talk to an Angel while I sin. 4:37 pm

Duncan: (Shouting loudly at someone. – Rania) Boys! Is there a bottle of whiskey still left?!

Someone: (Bellowing back to Duncan. – Rania) Ther’s a keg in here, lad! 4:39 PM

4:42 pm

Duncan: I’ll be back in about ten minutes, lass!!

Rania: My name is Rania, and make that five o’clock.

Duncan: Aye, Sir! (Duncan is yelling again at the bartender, I suppose he is. – Rania) 4:44 pm

4:58 pm

Duncan: I’m here, darling!

Rania: It is not five o’clock yet. And my name is Rania!

4:59 pm

Duncan: I am here!

Rania: It is still not five o’clock yet. Wait until six after for interrupting me in other work I have been doing.

Duncan: Aw, lass..I mean Rania. I am sorry. (Duncan hangs his large head. – Rania) Alright..I’ll wait. (Duncan sits down on a crudely made bench of wood and turpentine, outside. – Rania)

A Very Sad And Dejected Duncan Craig

(Note: Regretfully, could we not find a picture which was the exact likeness of Mr. Duncan Craig. His hair was longer and a little shaggy at the collar and around the face, and his shirt was a red flannel. In addition we do apologize for the size of the picture. - Rania)

5:06 pm

Rania: We work on ‘order’ or we will never manage to get you across.

Dawson: Aw, alright. Sorry la..Rania.

Rania: Alright, Duncan, so you do not know what you are doing here. Is there something keeping you from crossing over?

Duncan: Ya, lass, my daughter. Rania, I am sorry! My daughter’s daughter is just a wee lass, and me being on my second marriage, well, hell, I became quite attuned to her wee way of thinking and doing little strange things like hanging her doll toes up to smile in my face, with her wee crooked hands. Poor wee lass…(Duncan takes on a most morose dejected look of utter and complete sadness. – Rania)

Rania: Duncan, what can we do to help?

Duncan: Well, you could go and visit her for me and tell her..

Rania: We do not go and visit anyone, Duncan. They can read your story on the internet if they think to look for it. We are too busy with our other work to go places. We are sorry. But we will assist you in crossing over.

Duncan: The wee hen will die without my moot all over the place! Don’t ye understand that, Rania? Jamie? Ach, he’s naught even here at the moment! Well, what next do we do, Rania? I know you’re only trying, the both of ye, to help an old wounded soldier..in his heart.

Many Worlds House The Souls - These Worlds Are Designated As Deva Chans

Rania: Duncan, you can travel to her and see how she is now doing and touch her and whisper sweet words into her ear of encouragement and she will know you were there.

Duncan: Ach, she died some time ago, and I have never gotten over it. “Cancerous possibilities,” said the Doctor, but he was a half-wit and we could-nee aferd another and better ‘un.

Rania: Then you may well wish to cross over into the light, Duncan, because she may not have reincarnated at this time as yet, and if not, she may wish you to share her home in the place where you and she will await the opportunity to be brought before the Karmic Council. This place or designated world, of which there are, of course, many, is what we call the Deva Chan, or place of the waiting; where you live and wait for your next incarnation.

Duncan: (Brightening up..-Rania) Really? Then let’s go! Oh, but first I have a few questions I would like answered, so dear old dad doesn't show up as a rascally idiot in front of a half grown by this time, daughter.

Do we continue to grow in age when we leave this world?

We Meet The Men And Women Of The Karmic Council

Rania: No. But we are on our way to becoming once again younger than our own children whom we may have left behind. For as our children become older in their earthly experience, and our age expires as we physically ‘die,’ then once we cross over to stand again before the High Council, and are reborn. our children then become the older generation and we are the new.

Many times we may choose our own children as our parents, or become the child of some other member of the previous family or the child of yet another family we have also been with in a previous lifetime on another world, or that of the world we just left, having experienced lifestreams apart for karmic reasons all depending upon life’s lessons we are once again about to enter into.

In other words, we are brought before the Karmic Council who go over our lessons with us observing our achievement of those lessons or failure to progress past certain lessons; of which lessons, then, shall need repeating.

Then we are given new bodies as we reincarnate for another bout of the wheel, UNLESS we have finished with all our primary lessons and have earned the opportunity to move on into a world less encumbered by the ills and evils which your society is faced with today. Any more questions?

Is There Any Sense Of Time Upon The Astral World Otherwise Known As Astral Plane? Time Is As A Whisp

Duncan: Just a few directed toward your husband, Jamie. A man to man short talk and then I will take the step. (Duncan tentatively smiles. – Rania)

Rania: Well, Duncan, you should cross over now, because Jamie may not be able to answer you until the day after tomorrow our time due to another Cross-Over file tomorrow and work to be finished, hopefully, today, as soon as the final diagram is in to him.

Duncan: (Looks thoughtfully at the ground with his chin again in his large hand. – Rania)

Duncan: Is there any sense of time here, Rania?

Rania: You are there. You would know. As we understand it: No, there is no sense of time at all. Others whom we have worked with to cross over have, some of them, been shocked to learn that they were years, decades, and oftentimes centuries out of their time. So our answer to you would be: No there is no sense of time.

Duncan: In that case if I could impose upon you both once again, I would ask you to let me wait.

Rania: We cannot and will not force you to cross over before you feel you are ready, Duncan. So we will tie off this conversation and set this aside until Jamie has a minute and hope that can be soon. He is working as hard and fast as he can. Good night. Out for this segment with Duncan Craig. 5:34 pm

Duncan Wishes His Potential Sweetheart To Reincarnate Along With Himself - Can It Be Done?

December 16, 2013

7:44 am

Hello Duncan. I heard you calling us.

Duncan: Hello lass..er Rania. Is Jamie there yet? I have only one question to ask.

Rania: Yes, Jamie is here and looking forward to speaking with you. Would you please present your question, Duncan.

Duncan: Well, it is a bit of a surmiser, to be sure, and what I wanted to ask was: can either of you … I guess it is really a two part question, sorry..

Rania: That is alright. Please go ahead.

Duncan: If my daughter is not there, in your place of waiting, or Deva Chan, the place next door, can you her for me in her next lifestream, or not? Question after that is for the man.

Rania: I will let Jamie take both of them. Please ask your second.

Duncan: All right, lassie..oh.. um Jamie, is it at all possible to fall in love in the other place where I go and then come back with my sweetheart? You know, into the next lifestream? You know how important that is to a man, now, don’t cha?

Jamie: Hi, Duncan! Can you rephrase your first question about your daughter, please.

Duncan: Just one more question please. This one is for you, Rania, daughter of the High Priest, as we call you over here. Now I’m awondering if…well maybe Jamie should answer..I’m awonderin’ if we may engage a woman for life and always see her there where we go if it’s always to be a lesson place of the say..lower degree? Can either of you answer this? First question? Sorry. Sure, ya I can do that!

If my daughter is not there, in your place of waiting, or Deva Chan, the place next door, can you show me who and where she is in her next lifestream, or not?


Jamie: As for your second question, yes, you and your sweetheart can come back to earth in your next incarnations if both of you so choose providing you’re both joined at the higher level as original souls.

No, Duncan, we cannot know where your daughter may be in her next lifestream nor who she chooses to become. You may want to ask permission from the council of highly evolved people to get a glimpse of your and her Akashic Records for these pieces of information. Assuming, of course, we get you to cross over to the light, you will soon find out those answers for yourself. I beg to defer the last question for my wife Rania to answer.

Rania: I will be pleased to, sweetheart. Now Duncan, when you go before what we call the High Council who are a group of highly evolved wonderful men and women, at that time they will examine with you all the important issues of your earthly lessons. You may find that situations arise which must take you to other worlds where you would best accomplish certain lessons.

In the lower worlds, where negative karma must be still worked off, you may also find that your sweetheart must also complete her lessons away from you for a short space of time, as it were. But as much as possible, yes, as Jamie says, you definitely may ask the men and women of the High Council with the permission of your sweetheart to reincarnate together on the same world. If this has been approved by the High Council then you will meet again upon the same world when the time is right.

Once all lessons are completed, however, then you both may proceed on up the ladder to the first rung, as we call it, to a paradisaical world where the societies are much more highly evolved and espouse no crushing monetary system nor religious bigotry and falsehoods. Remember, this though: In many other lifestreams you have lived in you may have also requested of another sweetheart to be with you for say, eternity.

Understanding 'Union' of A Man And A Woman

Rania: That is why at an under evolved level when the union between a man and a woman is considered by the Clergy as being “for eternity,” nothing could be further from the truth.

The union for ‘eternity’ must be performed at the higher levels. At the lower levels in the lower societies, the Clergy or Priest conducts a marriage ceremony sticking two people together who are really not matched and then expects them to stay in the union without a way out. This is one of the great falsehoods of the Church.

So what I am saying is this: When you have ‘worked off’ or neutralized your negative karma, in particular, then you will be ready to meet up with your other half. Now, that may not be the sweetheart or any of the wives you have dedicated in your earlier incarnations to be with. This will be the fissure of a soul joining, Duncan, and you will be so glad you waited for this moment in your lives. Will that be all?

And Into The Light

Duncan: Oh, lassie! That is a real eye opener, to be sure, from the both of you! Take my arm, Jamie, and walk me over to that light! (Duncan speaks powerfully, and with a determined step he takes Jamie’s left arm and strides toward that doorway of bright and mesmerizing light. – Rania) 8:20 am

Permission given for publication by Mr. Duncan Craig, and Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez on December 14th 2013 and December 16th, 2013 Ryley, Alberta, Canada, Pacific Mountain Standard Time

(Note: At 8:20 am Pacific Mountain Time, Ryley Alberta, Canada, Mr. Duncan Craig took Jamie’s arm while the white guide at the entrance of the light turned his face around to meet them, and ushered Duncan into the light. He never once looked back.. (Smiles) Another file closed Jamie. Good work! – Rania)

Written down by Rania Seila and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Reni Sentana-Ries

You can also take a FREE copy of our books at http://scribd.com/rsentana_ries

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Note: A big "thank you" to Reni Sentana-Ries for all his hard work behind the scenes, in reducing personal images, assisting in finding difficult pictures, etc.when we are pressed for time.


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