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My short personal opinion about the Dyatlov Pass incident and the loss of the 9 skiers during the process of an unidentified attack which resulted the mysterious loss of their lives.


I think that this topic will intrigue you and possibly give you the chills while reading this.
First of all, I want to start out with pasting a creepy music here, to give the additional tension to the atmosphere while reading it.
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2.2.1959, Ural Mountain. On Second February 1959, Ural Mountain, A mysterious occur of events has been observed by the nine skiers, the group that went on an exhibition and never came back. Perhaps, there is an explanation, stick to your chair and read what really happened up there. Was it an Alien attack, the Government held a guilt so they wouldn't want them to get back alive or perhaps a Jeti attack? We gonna discuss and analyze strand by strand all of the theories and find a logic explanation of what happened. This case has been classified as a TOP SECRET and not a solid explanation has been found until then. It has been declared as an UNSOLVED MYSTERY. The government hurried to close the case which is another minor but important clue. No further investigations were performed after years of unsuccessful investigations and examinations. Tourists and visitors have been strictly forbidden of visiting this area.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

After the Expedition didn't come back at the exact date and time, the scared families started a campaign and contacted the local agencies for a help. The police and the army, together with the professors and the other students got involved in the investigation too.

The skiers were students from the Polytechnic institution and their goal was to get included into a Skiing exhibition, at the highest peaks of Northern Ural. The nine skiers were led by a certain Igor Dyatlov.

The abandoned camp of the group was discovered on 26th of February, which led the investigators to an immediate suspense of an awful disaster happened there on that night.

The tent was cut and torn apart, with all of their necessary items like food, clothes, drinks left inside. A conclusion of an Immediate Emergency was discovered. Something freaked them out that night so much, that they left everything in the Tent. Movies (those for camera) were found around the area.

On the snow, you could see visibility of traces of their footsteps from the Skiers. Some of them were completely naked, while some of them were wearing only socks on them. The footsteps were leading approximately around 500 meters range from the place of the Tent, and then they disappeared. Presumably, it has been freezing cold for them to walk naked, there was no doubt that they were killed in a short period after leaving the tents. The naked walking on a temperature of -30 surely has been painful and led them to an immediate death.

The first two found bodies were identified as the corpses of Yuri Krivonischenko and Yuri Doroshenko. Both of them were found dead, naked, only wearing their underwear. They were found next to a pine on the edge of the forest. According to the circumstances that they were found, it is presumed that they lit small camping fire, as a result of the pile of branches found around them.

Igor Dyatlov, Zinaida Kolmogorova and Rustem Slobodin were the next bodies that were found out. They have been found between the edge of the forest, and the camp. It is thought that they allegedly started heading to the camp. The skull of Slobodina has been cracked, but the hypothermia was identified as the major cause of the death.

Two months were needed for the disclosure of the rest 4 bodies. Nicolai Brignolles was found out with a broken skull, while Lyudmila Dubinina and Alexander Zolotariov had broken ribs. Also, another important thing that has been found out is that Ludmila's tongue has been missing from her mouth.

The investigators had claimed that the indigenous Mansi people are responsible for this gruesome murder, but early after that, this theory has been thrown out.
The doctors were astounded while processing the autopsy, as no other major injuries have been identified except the mentioned above, from the power equal to a car crash accident. Therefore, another things that haven't been taken into an account were the clothes. Some of the skiers didn't wear any clothes, while some of them have had their clothes exchanged. For an example, Zolotariov was wearing the coat fur of Dubinina, and one of the boot was wrapped around the pants of Krivonischenko.

Even stranger, certain degree of radiation has been detected on the clothes of the victims. 5 of the victims had a deep orange hole on their bodies. This was the most shocking clue that led to the closing of this case.. A radiation on that place in the middle of a winter? Strange occurs of events.

Not even the families couldn't explain this phenomena. That's why this case has been proclaimed as a "paranormal case".

Some of the theories

Finally, we are going to carefully read and analyze all of the theories strand by strand. These theories were proclaimed as the top discussed theories among the community and the government. It's upon youu to decide what are you going to accept and convince your beliefs.

1. Alien Attack

The most discussed theory about what happened to the 9 young skiers on that night, is probably an Alien Attack. Many experts have thrown out this option, as there were not enough clues for this option, until the radiation on 5 of the bodies skins was found out. The testimony have been asserting that they saw on that night strange orange circles in the sky on that night.. False as it may sound, we will never know, unfortunately. I will say that this is 50% true, as there are not enough clues for this theory to be true. I still believe that something in a human form have made them run out of their tent like it's the last day on earth. Well it was for them, and nothing can change that. We should face the reality and keep moving. Some people are claiming that this is the strongest clue that we have been visited by UFO'S.. Who knows..

2. The military knew that they saw something and had to keep them shut..

Actually, this was the theory that I fallen into a deep conclusion and thinking. But let's face it, if there was a really Military Test from that time of the Soviet Army, the military would know how to take a better care of them in those circumstances. In fact, their bodies would never been found out If the military had an oily involvement into the murder.

However, the truth will never be discovered and brought to public about what terrific thing was happening to the 9 young skiers that February's night. But one thing is for sure, that they will never be forgotten. The place where the skiers passed their last night of their lives, has been officially appointed as the "Dyatlov Pass".

What do you think of this case?

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