Dynamism of Education

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There are two worlds existing here, both having a different meaning to education.But there is a need for both of them to learn from each other to realize what true education is all about.

True education

Just like charity education also begins at home.From the very first expression, first word to the first step a toddler educates himself.Every little happening around is alien to him.Like a keen observer he stands, holding his uncluttered mind grasping every bit.Probably there are some doubts but he is helpless to express them.Every new morning brings a new perspective to him, distractions are negligible, eagerness is palpable, absolutely clueless about the word worry.I call it a true education or divine education free of selfish motives.Now change is the ultimate truth of life, everything here have a shelf life, so does this 'True Education'.The divinity ceases and it becomes more mortal.The materialistic world eventually have a meal of it and a line is drawn between the two worlds

One get a Pen in the hands other get blisters.One becomes a disciple other becomes its own master.The streets are there classrooms but no one is there to scold them, they are like free spirited birds with no bondations, no anxiety to compete, no burden of expectations.They learn from experience, what life dishes out for them.There are no tests to evaluate them but life test them at every corner through the hardships they face.For them the meaning of education remains the same throughout there lives unlike there fortunate counterparts who gradually drifts away from the realism of education and get caged in the textbooks at a very early stage in there lives.They get no time to observe and are forced into this circus where everyone is swinging around.The Ethics goes missing.But i call them fortunate because on the yardstick of success and failure they are the undisputed winners.But there is a void.I have always believed that strong ethics and morals are the building blocks that leads to a strong character and they should not be compromised at any cost.

The two worlds need to learn from each other.One has the upper hand over other and should be magnanimous enough to accept them with open arms because they will bring a different vision and outlook closer to reality and somewhat the darker side of life.They will bring that courage which has been there backbone to stand alone with there misery.They will bring those survival instincts through which they have faced adversity with aplomb.Both can complete each other and acquire the true education, education which will be dynamic enough to bring a change, which will be innovative enough to invent and which will be ethical enough to serve humanity in a big way.

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
26th Sep 2011 (#)

a very thoughtful share indeed Ahutosh..

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author avatar LBH
28th Sep 2011 (#)

I agree with you, geeta arora. Thanks for sharing, Ashutosh.

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