E-books Vs Paper Books

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Are e-books emerging as an alternative to printed or paper books? Read on!

The advent of e-books

With the advent of e-books in the 21st century,you no longer need to build mountain-sized cupboards,storing books in your room.The sales of e-books have overtaken that of hardcover books in such a way that publishers now issue print as well as e-book catalogues with any book release.The credit for this phenomenal success of e-books undoubtedly goes to the iPad,Apple’s iBooks and the Amazon Kindle e-book readers.Can we then say that e-books are emerging as an alternative to printed or paper books?

Why paper books are better?

There is no doubt that paper books still remain a thing of endearment and joy.They tend to make you feel more familiar and in sync with the characters in the book.Paper books take you through the journey of intangibility while remaining tangible themselves.Also,they do not hurt your eyes as they do while reading on a computer screen.And,you cannot sleep with an e-book beside you at night.

Why do people turn to e-books?

According to AMAZON,the biggest e-book retailer,the latest bestsellers may sell as many digital copies as paper ones.Many readers turn to e-books simply because these are easily accessible with the reduced prices of Kindle e-book readers and a huge range of e-books available on the worldwide web.
Prices of e-books are a lot cheaper than that of their print editions as far as popular fiction and out-of-copyright books are concerned.Second,e-books can be downloaded wherever internet connection is available. This is particularly relevant for countries like India due to the poor retail outlets outside the metro cities.Third,since all e-books are digitally protected,publishers have gone into e-books in a big way.Almost all new popular fiction has an e-book edition at less than half the price of the print edition.Above all,you do not need to head to a bookshop to buy an e-book.The entire transactions is completed in a matter of minutes.It seems as if the world of books too has finally caught up with digitalization.


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7th Dec 2011 (#)

As an avid reader,I prefer the good "old fashioned" books, nothing compares to the scent of a newly-printed page.

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