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this essay is about the charisma of a human body and I have tried to explain it in my own way. I think that it is more important to understand ourselves first and then to analyze the world, which is merely the extension of ourselves.


From hair till toe nail the miracles of nature are splatterd carelessly. The more I go deep the more I am taken in by the mesmerising charisma of GOD. Modern man although considers himself prized bt does n't realizes how to utilize his prizes. We are prized by nature but we consider man made machines our prizes. Modern man is dependant on machines and finds it very difficult to carry on with his life without them. Think of our present situation,simple maths is conducted with the use of calculator. In the past there were men who performed water striding without breaking its surface!
There has been a decrease in mental abilities,education is merely sought for a god job and not for wisdom. A recent research proved that we use our brain to 5% only. Think about it for a moment. If all this development is the product of 5% then what about the product of 100%?
Personally i think that we stiil have a vague idea about ourselves and the universe. At this stage when so many new discoveries are being made,you dont know who to believe completly. The famous renovation of a formula which I came across was of newton's 1st law of motion. But lets move to the basics. Aren't we like the sun?anyone who comes near bears our tantrum. However,it also holds true that we reveal ourselves to those only we care for,truthfullly, and truth,is always bitter and blistering. The galaxy happens to catch my fancy in comparing human body because its spacious and takes in a huge world. The surface area to volume ratio of our lungs is same as the surface area to volume ratio of a tennis court,our intestines are about two feet long,we are also an acid factory and many more. In short the universe is personified in us.
Its such a versatile creation that every kind of science is applicable to it. Though man has set foot on mars and moon but we can't measure the rays emitted from human body. There is an art knwon as telepathy,which i believe is carried out through these rays. Moreover there is also spirtualism which if taken seriously takes us into another world;peace. Infact there is a solid reason that why the temple in our body is so called. Another way of seeking peace is yoga. Dharma is the type of yoga in which human body can survive without food and water and he is also underground. The great pressure our bone can bear. That said, some bones bear internal pressures of up to a ton or more. Spines bear a huge amount of shearing stress and concentrated.
I cant think of a better way to quench our thirst about this quest for exploration. To start with human body;a minute speck,would be far much wise,because if we know the basics then we could be succesful in our achievements.


Decrease In Mental Abilities

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
1st Jul 2012 (#)

I agree with some of your ideas particularly the last para. Anyway an interesting topic to read. Thank you for sharing.

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