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This is a compilation of my poems with the touch of rain concept.


The rain is pouring
In this velvety skin
Making a poignant rhythm.

The tears, they fall
Like raindrops, too cold
As memories are recalled.

Hear, oh hear me
This heart must be free
Forever could be my plea.

Free me, oh free me
From this love into thee
A dream it will always be.

Am I just a victim
Or someone who's willing
To be captive forever?

No, please just walk away
Oh, memories don't stay
Freedom- I must say.

I long, I like
I dream, I love
To smile. To laugh.

Just a simple prayer
Please listen, do hear.
I want to smile in the rain...


And so I turn my back
from the mirror
which tells me how
blind I was yesterday.

Only to discover that
until now I am
for I can't see anything
around me.

Is it still raining outside
or 'til here in my room
the mizzle is drowning my face?
Or is it in my heart
where I hear those drops
and in my eyes
they find a perfect path?

It is dark in here
and I can see nothing but
a fading spirit...


I get outside and feel
how the sun can comfort me
in my seclusion
but my skin does not go red
like what I presume.
There's no sunbeams
but only the mist which
lately turns into cloudburst.

It's raining again
and I have no choice but to
get inside and hide.
But the mirror reveals
how the drizzle had shaken me.
Was it in the bygone days
or it's until now?

Why does it rain again?
I thought it would be
a different day.


It's raining again
and I only smile reminiscing
the past rainy days
that the heaven had sympathized
with a broken spirit.
Nobody knows if it will stay longer.
Or is it just the last teardrop
for the memories that should not even be remembered?


You're like a book to me
That once I open your pages
I would shout for joy
And won't cry in pain
For I have at hand
The gift from each page-
Waking up
Moving on

I have to see the beauty
Of each raindrop
Touching my skin.

I'm learning to love the rain...


I saw someone standing in the rain
Then I shouted to him, "Hey!
Why are you standing out there?
Don't you feel cold in the mizzle?

He just looked at me and smiled
So I ran fast at his side
I offered my coat and opened it wide
But oh, he still refused to hide.

I looked at him in confusion
He don't even have a motion
But he smiled again in distinction
Of his great joy and satisfaction.

I can't contain so I asked, "Why?
Why in the rain you never shun?
I thought the rain is heaven's cry
Her sympathy when someone's down?"

"My dear, my dear, the rain is nice
Just try to feel it, see the prize
It heals and fixes broken hearts
It nourishes the empty minds."

And so I moved to drop my coat
There in the rain, I stopped, I stood
I felt the drops, Oh, 'twas so good
It made me free, it mends, it soothes.

But when I looked at him again
Nobody's there with me in the rain
He left without a word to say
I'm the only one standing there.

Oh, if somebody would see me here
I want to show, I want to tell
The same story, the same old tale
Someone who'll save me as Girl In The Rain.


Cry, Drops, Emotion, Healing, Rain, Rainy Day, Sadness, Season, Tears

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author avatar Dhaye
I write in different perspectives. I can make a piece out of momentary emotion, but most of my pieces are fictions- each as a product of my emotional empathy towards my friends, and the media.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Feb 2014 (#)

Varied emotions - nice poems, thanks Dhaye - siva

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author avatar Dhaye
2nd Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you so much!

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author avatar Dhaye
2nd Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you so much!

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author avatar Dhaye
10th Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you for the read and the comment. =)

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author avatar LOVERME
2nd Feb 2014 (#)

rain... rain come again...
in different vein ...
who will dance all the time in your rain re-frame in similar veins ....
else this rain will go down the Wikinuts drain

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author avatar Dhaye
2nd Feb 2014 (#)

Wow! Thanks a lot.

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author avatar LOVERME
2nd Feb 2014 (#)

please kindly re-post each one separately ...
more will read it ..
as u comment on theirs ..
then only
.. its like tit for tat

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd Feb 2014 (#)

I feel the drops in eyes of Love,
Who is watching from Above.
Cleansing and healing all of Life,
Crying steadily I miss my wife.

In rhythmic tune of peace in life,
Washing away pain and ending strife.
Bringing her to see the Power of Love,
As he cleanses and heals her from Above.

Removing the strain causing the dark,
Showing the truth that came in that remark.
I wash away all the SINs of the world,
Its the moment of truth that has unfurled.

Creating the fluidity of undying love,
As the Angels now stream from Above.
All in colour and just for the Sun,
Who shows the Rainbow second to none.

Where tears o heaven creates Life,
Bringing back the dream of triumphant Wife.
Where all of Darkness goes back to source,
Showing the truth of tears coming in remorse.

For all those who created the pain in life,
Are now concerned for the Broken Wife.
Who looks up above as she sees the stream,
Making the river now overflow the brim.

Washing away every pain in the heart,
Showing the gift from the world apart.
Who holds her tenderly creating source,
Showing Darkness obliterating in great remorse.

Leaving fluffs of white on shades of blue,
In the dream of happiness none ever knew.
As they pull together for Planet Earth and Sun,
Who show the Rainbow Second to None.

Who just pulls the colour of the triumphant world,
With moment of truth that has now unfurled.
Making everyone now cry out in blood,
Showing the truth now draining in a flood.

That Planet Earth is weeping for that One Soul,
Who knew the truth so perfect and whole.
Bringing in the identity to live on beyond each dream,
Showing the cleansing and healing in every stream.

Watering the plants and creating life,
Bringing in the truth that ends all of strife.
That she is the reflection of the One Above,
Who cried out steadily for her truest Love.

To hold her in abundance in perfect endure,
Showing truth of existence so very pure.
As all of life depends on the Golden Sun,
Who dries the pain making Darkness run.

Washing away the tears of Planet Earth in Life,
Holding her gently whispering love you my Wife.
For Nature was hurting so deep inside,
And he opened the cloud and whole world cried.

Showing there was no other but One Above,
Bringing back destiny that sealed all in love.
With streamlets meandering back to the Sea,
Proudly singing out to love did you miss ME.

Bringing in the circle all over again,
Showing the triumph within pouring rain.
Where all of Creation feels the temperature below,
That comes again with the gift of Snow.

For that is when life begins to now grow,
Showing the fact behind every gift your throw.
Its the feeling behind that anthem of Love,
Who looks into her eyes from heavens Above.
By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 2nd February 2014

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author avatar Dhaye
2nd Feb 2014 (#)

Wow! Great poem. Thanks for reading me.

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