Each Day Offers a Lesson

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No matter what the plans are for any given day, within that day something will happen that we can either take as an opportunity from which to learn or we can look at what happened as another obstacle to our happiness. The choice is ours.

Early Morning

Today was the strangest day I have had in some time. I started it by getting ready to go to the library. Before I did this, though, I did the usual things: drink some coffee, watch a little Good Morning America, and connect with my daughter when she made her daily morning call to me. This is our special time because we tell each other what our yesterday consisted of and what the current day will hold. We usually do this after we have spent some time with our morning devotion, which we do over the phone.

Planned Activity

I continued my day by driving to the library, and, once inside, conducting my favorite pastime: browsing the books and videos. Since I was already downtown and I knew my husband was working close to this area, I decided to meet him for lunch. This was just a spur of the moment thing, and I hoped he would be pleased to see me. When he saw me, he stopped short in his tracks. It was a nice reminder of his feelings for me and for our long-time relationship/marriage.

The Accident

While we were enjoying our lunch, our daughter called. She doesn’t usually do this, not at the mid-day point, so my first reaction was, “Are you all right?” And what I didn’t want to hear came through her low cry, “No.” My heart immediately sank. She informed me that she had just tapped the bumper of the car in front of her with her own car. I straightaway went into advisor mode; yet, I handed the phone to my husband since he is the one who remains calm in this type of situation.

My husband advised her on what steps to take and we comforted her by telling her everything would be all right. My heart, though, remained heavy.

A Lesson

I am thankful that she is all right, but I know something has changed. Perhaps this will be the lesson and reminder she needs: one needs to drive defensively, never offensively, and we need to keep that cushion between our cars. But she has to reflect on the lesson herself, without prodding from me.

Perhaps it is the protector in me, but I feel disappointed, not in my daughter and not necessarily in myself, but in the fact that I am not there in person to wrap my arms around her, to keep her warm as I used to when she was smaller, and to keep her safe so that no harm will come to her.

The True Lesson

It seems that both of us had something to learn from this day, and that is, that even though we cannot be together in person to caress away the hurt, we are there mentally and morally for one another to strengthen each other through all the lessons we are yet to encounter.


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author avatar Retired
22nd Oct 2014 (#)

My advice to your daughter would be to beware of the other driver demanding that she pay for damage that had not been caused by the bump.

In the UK there has been a spate of deliberately engineered "accidents" in which the scammers claim that personal injuries have been caused (usually whiplash) that are then paid from the other party's insurance (other members of the gang provide the necessary witness evidence) . This is another very good reason for not letting oneself get into a situation where this could happen.

By the way, this is also my library day - but I'm on the other side of the desk!

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author avatar reg430
23rd Oct 2014 (#)

John: I was thinking/wondering about your role at the library. I love the library - always have always will.
I remember a scam here in California where people were forcing accidents. Yes, I did warn my daughter about that. And I do need to remember that my daughter has been driving for a while and, Thank God, without an accident.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Oct 2014 (#)

You summed it all up at the beginning ... 'the choice is ours'.
This gist of this narrative is something I picked up from, of all things, the movie 'Poltergeist'. There is a scene where the family father is being told by the shaman that he is the source of strength for his family as his family is his source of strength. But these lessons do not carry weight until one experiences something personally.

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author avatar reg430
23rd Oct 2014 (#)

Thank you, r. nunez. And you hit it right on the head. I don't know that I am the strength of my family, but they certainly my strength. I have known this for some time. But it is amazing how we are reawakened to something we already suspected.

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