Early Mornings, Late Lie-Ins and Being Clumsy!

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Just another typical day for me I guess. And yes that includes another incident where I am clumsy! ;-P

6 In The Morning....

Well, this morning I was on an early shift starting at eight. So to make sure I was ready in time I woke up at six so I had plenty of time to do my hair. Now I was just ready, and about to head out the door when the phone rang. Of course, who else could it be other than my boss telling me they didn't actually need me in this morning!
Needless to say, I wasn't too happy! So I went back to sleep....

Ten Past Three in the Afternoon...

Ok yes I know I'm majorly lazy! I didn't mean to sleep for so long. It was more or less a case of me jumping up out of the bed and hanging up the washing before Lee's mum came home so I wouldn't get in trouble for leaving it again.
Lee came home about an hour later. And for some reason I was moody again, I didn't mean to be and I don't know why I was. I feel bad for it, I'm always in a mood for some reason or no reason now a days. And it kills me sometimes to see the hurt look on his face. He doesn't realise just how much I love him. As I said in one of my other poems, Selfish Love-

I can’t bear the thought of losing you,
Can’t comprehend my death,
Because losing you my only love,
Would rob me of my breath.

I really do love him that much. I had a nightmare once where he'd died, I'd lost him forever. I'd woke up in hysterics, I couldn't do anything. I was curled up in a ball screaming silently in pain, just crying so much. It still affects me, it still scares me.

6 At night...Roll on Work!

Yep, six o'clock came around and it was time to go to work again. And yes as usual I was clumsy whilst polishing some cutlery...
I put boiling hot water in a tub and chucked in the cutlery that needed polished, and then i put on a rubber glove so I wouldn't be burnt by the hot water. But because I can't do anything without messing it up and being quite ditzy, I put my other hand on the tub...Now this tub was made of metal, and when hot water touches metal it heats it up. So needless to say I burnt my hand. Jumping up and down I turn around and see the chef staring at me, then he creases up in fits of laughter! I just glare at him and say "you were just watching me knowing I'd do that weren't you!?"
He simply replied, "well, it is you. Of course!" I wasn't really mad, it was very funny though.

Not much else happened that night really. Just a lot of tables to wait on. But I still find it really fun!

Anyway, I'm off to bed now, so I'll wikinut you guys again tomorrow!
Night xx


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