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Ambo, through the spam email I sent him, found a way to gain back his lost youth. Proof that even after retirement anyone could still be productive. They could still earn income to support them through their twilight years.

Gaining back life after retirement

Earn LIFE. Live EXTRA! That was the subject of the email I received two years ago from an unrecognizable email address. Curious and maybe I was quite amused. Why I have to earn LIFE? How can I live EXTRA? When I opened it, there was nothing in it to read but only a link. It said "Curious? Find it out, click here". In my disappointment I tagged it as a spam. The information highway is full of garbage, scams and cons all over, I said.

Three days later, I checked again my emails. My inbox was full of emails of friends from all over the sphere. Batch mates from high school, convincing me to join some social networking sites. I never had the interest posting my personal circumstances online, so the world may know. I opened my spam folders to check if there are some legitimate messages that could have been blocked by the server. There sits still, Earn LIFE. Live EXTRA! Like I was in trance, I don't know what was with me then that I went on to click the link.

I was then glued reading the statistics of persons. People at age fifty (50), 80% of them has less than $2000 in their banks for retirement. People at age sixty five (65), 70% of them live and depend on their families and relatives. while 20% of them are on charity and still could not afford to stop working to support themselves and their family. 9.05% are still part of the workforce and can't leave their jobs. Only 0.05% are capable of sustaining themselves.

I asked, what is new? It has been a while since we are all at a lower standard of living than that of our parents. The latest statistics the Bureau released was that 95% of people at age sixty five (65) could not afford to lose, or leave their jobs. Currently, even two persons working full time at minimum wage are still hard up supporting a family of four.

Then I remembered Ambo. It was just two days ago when he paid me a visit at my house. We chatted over a cup of instant coffee. I listened to him while he reminisced how he enjoyed his work then at the University. Ambo was head of Buildings and Ground Management. He retired, as policy of Government Civil Services, on his sixty fifth birthday.

Suddenly I noticed sadness on Ambo's face. Then I heard him sob, a drop escaped and flowed from his teary eye. with disgust he said "I've wasted my youth, senior Eli". I have dedicated all of it to give protection and security to my love ones. Given everything to be a great provider to them and left nothing for myself.

Age sixty five was the start of my dreadful life when I retired from work five years ago. Now at seventy I can no longer bare to see my love ones, my kids where I am living now are burdened everyday. These pension and retirement benefits I got from social security is not enough for my medicines and maintenance. How much more for my food? Where are the fruits of my labor they say that I will be enjoying on my twilight years?

Before we start getting mushy about the state of Mang Ambo, that was two years ago. At the end of that email I received then, leads me to another link. The last part of that article goes like this, "You have all the right to gain and earn back the years you have lost. Enjoy what you have worked for and live extra. Secure not just your family's future but most importantly for yourself now. Learn and Follow our directions and procedures, click here." After I've read the article I forwarded the email to Mang Ambo's email address.

What happened after I sent it to Mang Ambo? He no longer lives with his kids. He sends them additional financial support every month. He now has his own Condo unit, a flash utility van. Health insurance is no longer an issue. He looked a lot younger than the last time he paid me a visit. What was that email I sent to Mang Ambo back then? It was an offer to be part of the work from home online jobs. Yes there are a lot of scammers and cons out there but this one that Mang Ambo took part with, earned him his life back. Now, not only is he living extra, he is enjoying the fruits of his labor...


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