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Bubblews is somewhat a social networking site in which you are paid to write your own world/your thoughts.
Many have claimed this site to be scam but in fact this is not a scam site this site is legit, and for those who are claiming this to be scam then they must have break the rules, which I will be discussing next.

Rules in bubblews

The rules are simple.
Minimum Redemption Amount: You must have at least $50 to redeem.

*Note: The amount you see listed here is estimated and can change if manipulation is detected on any of your posts.

We have the right to remove (and not pay out) any account that partakes in the conduct listed below: Please read and follow these rules and the Terms of use before pressing the redeem button.

1. Submitting content that you did not write yourself. Copying content from other websites around the internet is stealing and Bubblews will never pay you for that.

2. Abusing our likes/views/comment system by partaking in exchange groups and requesting for them through other Bubblews' members.

3. Utilizing Traffic Exchange, Bots, Proxies, Virtual Private Network and other forms of IP manipulation is stealing from Bubblews.

4. Submitting posts that only contain pictures and/or containing very limited text is prohibited as this is not content our advertisers like to pay for.

5. Posting Pornographic/semi-pornographic images and/or content to Bubblews.

6. Posting LESS THAN 400 characters per post.

7. Posting material not written in English (Only exception is if you supplement your post with an English translation).

8. Posting links within your bubbles to cite/source/enhance your work is fine, but please do not post Referral or Affiliate links to other websites. Use your best discretion and if you are unsure please email them.


You can check your earnings through your Bank
This is an important area to check out frequently. This area will gather how many views, comments, likes/dislikes and social media shares all of your posts are getting. Then it will calculate the payout for each of those based on how much ad revenue Bubblews is pulling in at the time. Some days it may be more some days it may be less. Usually it will be leveled without huge spikes from day to day.

Earning $10 or more per day is not impossible

That’s right you can earn $10 or more per day, you can achieve this if you’re not lazy to write.
Do you want to earn $10 or more per day? I’m sure you want that so I will guide you in earning $10 or more a day in bubblews.

The first thing to do is write an article you should write 5 to 10 articles per day.
By writing 5 to 10 articles per day you can be sure that you will earn $10 or more, each view is worth $.01; each like is worth, $.01; each dislike is worth $.01 and each comment is worth $.01.
So lets just say you make an article and each articles was viewed 50 times, so you earn $.50 and each of them gives likes, another $.50 and lets say have of them commented so you gain another $.25, totaling of $1.25 per article, see if you just write each and everyday you can redeem just in a week.
But this doesn’t really apply sometimes it will be viewed more than 50 and so is the likes and comments.
Put pictures always to make it more attractive bubblers like to read them.

Second make friends, build connections and be an active connection.
Making friends is easy by connecting to the person you wanted to connect. By building a connection and becoming and active connection in just days you will gain a thousand plus connections.
Why you need to be active so that your connection won’t stay away from you but will be an active connection for you too. More connections more earnings.

Lastly cash out.
So that’s the basics of earning in bubblews connect, write, submit, earn and cash out.


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author avatar Utah Jay
10th Jul 2014 (#)

Sounds like fun, do they take poetry?

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author avatar Jan
10th Jul 2014 (#)

yeah thy take anything just write your own world

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author avatar WOGIAM
14th Jul 2014 (#)

Hello Jan,

I am a member of Bubblews also and apart from the system/IT problems, I have never had issues with non payment. Good to see you here.

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author avatar Jan
14th Jul 2014 (#)

I have no issues with Bubblews too since they are paying, also may i ask a question if you don't mind.
Why is that the it now takes 20 days to receive the earning there? Just asking though

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