Eccentricities During The Night

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“Oh my goodness. It seems to be a diary of a different sort altogether.”

Eccentricities During The Night

Elaine Gibbs had noticed something very odd in her husband, Bobby’s behaviour. The eccentricities occurred each night when they kissed goodnight to one another. After this, he would just get up and go somewhere at odd hours during the night. By early morning, he would return to bed once more as if nothing had happened. At first, Elaine thought that perhaps it was a phase of some kind but when it continued, she decided to finally talk to him over breakfast.
“Bobby, if there’s nothing urgent you have to do today, I’d like to have a word with you.” Said Elaine, as she poured out a hot cup of tea from the kettle for both of them.
“I’m all ears, Elaine darling.” He said, munching his buttered toast.
“You may not be aware of this but every night, you get up and start doing things in your study.” “I thought I’d ask you first before consulting a psychiatrist.” Bobby suddenly coughed out his toast and his eyes filled with water.
“Gosh, I nearly choked on my toast, Elaine.”
“You haven’t answered my question; what do you do?” Bobby stood up.
“Listen, first of all, I don’t know what you’re on about, but I can tell you that I kiss you goodnight and I go to sleep. End of story.” “Now, I’m getting late to go to the office, so we can talk later.”
He left abruptly. Elaine finished her tea and was about to ring the psychiatrist when she suddenly got an idea.
“I’m going to look into his study room. There may be some kind of clue in there.” And so, while Bobby was in the office, Elaine used her own double set of keys to unlock her husband’s private study room door. As she entered the room, she was surprised to see a lot of maps pinned on the wall. They were very descriptive and beautiful.
“My knowledge of astronomy is poor but these are definitely maps of some planet.” She moved in closer and saw a large red book lying on the cabinet. It had a silver lock on it. Elaine tried to open it but realised that she needed a key. She browsed around until she found it lying on the study table in a small red container. She unlocked it and it flipped open.

“Oh my goodness. It seems to be a diary of a different sort altogether.” The book was indeed some kind of diary. To be more precise, it was a log book of entries, coupled with illustrations, some of which were of Bobby, depicting him in a space outfit, going somewhere. She turned the pages, hurriedly and saw more illustrations of spacecrafts and strange life forms. She shuddered at them.
“Wow. Thank goodness they’re not real.” “Bobby never mentioned this to Me; but what is he up to?” “And why the secrecy?” Elaine decided that she would quietly follow him tonight and expose him.
That evening, Bobby returned from work, at the usual time of 5.45 p.m. and excused himself.
“Elaine, look, if you don’t mind, I’m completely exhausted and would like to go to bed right away.” Elaine, who had other things in her mind, nodded in approval.
“No problem, dearest. Oh, and I’m so sorry about earlier. I was just concerned. I…”
“It’s alright, sweet heart.” Bobby stroked her hair and went to bed, munching a biscuit on the way.
That night, Elaine joined him in bed. He was seemingly in a deep sleep. She closed her eyes. pretending to be fast asleep and after some time, Bobby awoke and tip-toed out the room and upstairs to his study. Elaine got up briskly, and tip-toed, barefooted so as not to make any noise, and followed him from behind. Bobby was about to unlock his private study but the door opened by itself. Elaine then realised she had forgotten to lock the door earlier. Bobby looked around, checking if he wasn’t being watched. Elaine crouched below the stairs and waited until Bobby entered his room. There was a click. He had locked himself inside. She had the second set of keys with her and approached the room.
“Once I unlock this door, then Bobby will be caught and exposed.” Elaine thought for a moment and something in her mind told her that she shouldn’t and she turned to go back to bed, but as her back was turned, suddenly the door clicked open and her husband Bobby came out. He reached out his arms and ushered her in.
“So, now you have finally discovered the truth. I told you never to come up here.”
“What truth?” “And why are you behaving so odd?” ”I think you need help, Bobby. We’ll go to see the psychiatrist in the morning. He can help you with your problem.”
“I don’t have a problem, as you will soon find out.” ”You”re coming with me.” Bobby held her left hand and took her inside the study room. The door slammed shut itself and he stared meaningfully at her.
“I suppose I should be thankful to you for giving me time to prepare myself for my trip.”
“What trip? Are you feeling alright?” Said Elaine, pulling herself free from him.
Bobby pointed his left hand at the wall and it slid aside revealing a dome shaped object. He stroked her hair and smiled, as if to say goodbye and then approached it. The object was in fact a space craft which he entered from an opening. It closed in once he was inside. After a few moments, there was a blinding flash and it vanished into the air. Only the charred markings of the spaceship were left on the floor. For a moment, Elaine stood in disbelief and then whispered to herself.
“All these years: I was married to a being from another planet.”

The End.


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author avatar Yvette van Niekerk
20th Apr 2015 (#)

Wow - that could be fun being married to an alien .... great story
loved it.

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author avatar SilverPlatinum
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

Thanks very much, Yvette, for your feedback. :-)

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author avatar Bhupinder kaur
10th Dec 2015 (#)

Wow! Great story I loved it.excellent work.

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author avatar SPANISCHE FLIEGE D5
11th Oct 2017 (#)



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