Echoes Of An Oversoul--Part 43

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New environment and new cohorts brought about pressure and I found myself making some hard choices. This very interesting chapter cannot disappoint.

Echoes Of An Oversoul--Part 43

I DIDN’T ANTICIPATE IT, but my life was like a speeding car that was fixing to crash into a brick wall. I was transferred from the Covenant House shelter in Manhattan to a shelter in one-hundred-and-twenty-eight Street in Harlem. There, I befriended two guys in their mid-twenties who were about to change my entire life. One went by the nickname Tank, and the other one Cleveland. Both of them took a liking to me in a very short period of time because of my good sense of humor and agile mind.
Moments after entering the shelter, I found myself in a small office room with one of the staff members. He asked me a few personal questions and scribbled down notes. Then, after explaining the facility’s rules, he handed me a pamphlet and advised me to study it. After a quick survey, I noticed it was nothing more than the facility’s written rules, things like; the do’s, the don’ts, curfew and whatnot. Finally, he assigned me to a room located on the second floor.
I was told that each room contained no more than three people. However, when I stepped inside the room assigned to me, I noticed the presence of three guys. For a second I thought I was in the wrong room, but then I noticed one empty bed and one of the guys immediately greeted me. “I’m Tank, that’s Cleveland, and your roommate is White Cloud. As you can see, we’re just here chitchatting. So what’s yo’ name?” he asked.
“Iceberg! Call me Iceberg.” I answered. My quick response, plus the expression on my face, gave an indication that I wasn’t interested in holding a conversation. He immediately picked up the signal.
“Well, Iceberg, Cleveland and I gonna’ step out your way and let you do yo’ thing. When you’re good and ready, perhaps you should come and check me out. I don’t know you, you don’t know me–but since we have to live here together, we might as well get to know each other.” As he and Cleveland began walking towards their room, which was three rooms away from mine, I overheard him say in an almost whispering manner, “Who knows, maybe we can team up, and together we can bring things to life like GE, and reach out and touch the world like AT&T. Business, baby…it’s all about business.”
“What business?” I said to myself, moments later, after I sat down on my bed. Tank sounded like he was trying to recruit me by offering his friendship. At first, I thought about paying him a visit later, to tell him I was uninterested in his friendship. But that thought quickly faded, and I decided, why not? Why not join him and link our pack together? After all, he appeared rugged, like someone I would want in my side in a street brawl.
So I accepted his proposal, and joined him. I introduced him to my pack, he introduced me to his, and he soon proved to be as ruthless as I thought he would be.
My roommate, White Cloud, was a six-foot-four, two-hundred-and-thirty pound Hispanic-American guy who didn’t know how to speak Spanish. I later learned that his reason for not being able to speak the language is because he was raised in group homes where only English was spoken. He was somewhat a strange guy. Even though we were roommates, we never spoke much. He had few friends, and every time I started a conversation with him he would always find a way to cut it short. I believe he was antisocial.
One day, I said to him, “Yo’, why they call you White Cloud?” He chuckled and said, “Man, lookat me! I’m Puerto Rican, but my skin is so pale, I look like a white boy. It’s ’cause of my pale skin, that’s why they call me White Cloud. You know what I’m saying?”
“Yes I do.” I replied. As I examined him closely, I suddenly realized that his nickname made perfect sense.

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Great writing.

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