Echoes Of An Oversoul--Part 47

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I sat, stared into nothingness, and heard sweet music flowing from a ghetto blaster nearby. I know you're curious as to what I'm talking 'bout, so read.

Echoes Of An Oversoul--Part 47

SOON AS WE WERE DONE eating our Chinese food, Tank reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a stick of reefer. After he lit it with a lighter he began to smoke. The awful smell of the smoke coming from the reefer nearly gagged me. I don’t smoke, and I never did could stand the smell–even if it was cigarettes or cigars.
While Tank smoked, I stared into nothingness, and we heard soft music flowing sweetly from a ghetto blaster nearby. “Hey, Tank,” I said suddenly in a mellow voice, “I think you should leave before Cleveland comes and find you here. You dig what I’m saying?”
“Listen, homey,” he replied after a brief silence, turning his plump, black face and beady eyes toward me, “I ain’t tell you this before, but now I think it’s time. You do know he’s a homo’, right?”
“Of course, everybody knows that!” I responded.
“Has he ever tried to make a move on you?”
“Nahh!” I replied with a quick slur. “I’ve been told I’m a player, but I don’t play that way. He and I have an understanding. I told ‘em I respect him as a person for helping me out. That his love life is his business, but the moment he tries something slick and pull a homo’ stunt on me, I’ma’ break his jaw. So far he hasn’t violated. Why’d you ask me that anyway?”
“Well,” Tank began, “did he ever tell you why we stopped talking and hanging out with each other?”
“Nah, what’s up with that?” I asked.
“Well,” he replied, after a quick chuckle, “you might not believe this crazy stuff I’m ’bout to tell you, but check it. He and I, as you already know, were mad cool and stuck together like glue. I saved ‘em from a guy who was trying to rape ‘em. I told that guy if he didn’t leave my homey alone I was going to put his lights out. So he backed off. Then, there were these two other guys who were constantly harassing and trying to extort him. When he showed me who these guys were, me and some of my homeboys put some work on ‘em. One of them ended up crippled.
“For all this, Cleveland started paying me. He used to give me something like fifty-dollars every time he got his paycheck. Then, three weeks after you showed up at the shelter, that’s when it happened. Nightfall came and we went to bed. I had a habit of sleeping naked, so naked I was under the covers. I was sound asleep when all of a sudden I felt elated. At first, I thought it was a dream. But as the elation intensified, I awakened, jerked my head up, looked down, and my eyes immediately widened at what I beheld. Cleveland was pleasuring my private, God-given, male anatomy with his mouth. I wanted to rage and say something, but the words just wouldn’t come out. And before I knew it, a wave of energy escaped from my body.”

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