Echoes Of An Oversoul--Part 48

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The more I saw my buddy in action, the more I reminded myself to be cautious around him...he and some of the other guys I associated with preyed on people who showed signs of weakness. Read and see whom I'm talking about.

Echoes Of An Oversoul--Part 48

“ABOMINATION!” I SPAT THE WORD as if it were a dose of poison. “Tank, what’s really good? I know you didn’t just let ‘em violate you without doing nothing?”
“Nah, homey, you don’t get it!” he replied. “It was because of you. You see, the time it happened was about two days before he moved to this apartment. When I found out he invited you to come and stay with him, I ain’t wanna’ do nothing to make ‘em change his mind. I care about you too much. So I simply told ‘em to keep his distance. But now that you’re ’bout to head off, I’m fixing to make ‘em pay.”
“Hold up, what’s on your mind, Tank?” I inquired, “I hope you ain’t thinking ’bout putting work on ‘em whilst I’m still here, right?”
“Nah, homey, I wouldn’t do that to you!” he assured me. “I’m gonna’ put work on ‘em after you’re gone. Right now I just wanna’ chat with him, and tell ‘em he owes me back-pay for everything I did for ‘em.”
“Dawg’, Tank,” I whined, “why today? Why now? Can’t you wait some other time?”
“Listen, homey,” he stated sharply, and there was a sudden gleam in his eyes that spoke of madness, “quit acting funny style! Ever since I’ve known you, I ain’t never seen you break out a sweat. Hell, you’re almost as cold as I am. I told you, I’m just gonna’ chat with ‘em about my back-pay!”
I had a number of questions I wanted to ask, but when I saw the look on Tank’s face, I knew that that wouldn’t have been a safe thing to do. There was no reasoning or talking him down when he has his mind set. He was too unpredictable and liable to turn on me if he’s pushed. I’d seen him use violence in the past to gain his means. Each scene always turned out ugly, and the more I saw him in action, the more I reminded myself to be cautious around him. Frankly, he spooked me, but I couldn’t afford to show that. He and some of the other guys I associated with preyed on people who showed signs of weakness. So if I wanted to remain alive around these thugs, I had to play strong. I had to hold in my feelings, play bold, and act like that lion I thought of myself to be.
Suddenly, Cleveland walked in through the door, and everything from that point went haywire. Cleveland and Tank started exchanging words. Cleveland told Tank that if he didn’t exit the apartment he was going to call the cops. Tank had always takenCleveland for a joke, so the threat seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.
I was sitting on the living room’s couch, and I noticed Cleveland pulling out a cellphone from his valise as he began making his way toward me. His worried face and beady eyes gave me a sudden chill, and my mind began to race. I was hoping this dreadful moment would not have come to pass. Why? Why couldn’t Tank just leave? Why does he always have to seek drama? And if he really cared for me, like he said, then why couldn’t he have waited until I left? Friend or Foe, which one is he?
As Cleveland stood inches away from me, I believe he was bout to say some crucial words. But before he even had a chance to open his mouth, boom, he got snatched!!!

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