Echoes Of An Oversoul--Part 5

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This is gripping, magical, sensational, heartfelt. It will pull your heart-strings, as well as give you a sense of joy--as you witness a brief battle between good and evil.

Echoes Of An Oversoul--Part 5

MY GRANDPARENTS WERE LIVING in a small village called Milo, not too far from the capital of Port-Au-Prince. After Momma dropped me off at their place, I was told she left without leaving any information of her whereabouts.
At the age of five, I caught a terrible virus. I was tormented with severe headaches, burning fevers and constant delirium. Grandpa Kammu was known as a great physician. He used to treat me every time I got sick. But this time, for whatever reason, his treatment was futile. My only hope was to be seen by a doctor. So he took me to a nearby hospital and told the doctors to do whatever they could for me–and that he’d pay them when he returned.
After spending nearly one week in the hospital under intensive care, grandma Atsue came to visit me. She managed to make her way around walls of concrete until she finally arrived at the area I was being held. The hospital was like the pits–long dark corridors, where howls and yells could be heard from a distant. Water and electricity were stolen from nearby conduits. Makeshift water mains leaked; jerry-rigged wiring sparked and zapped in the fetid darkness.
When Atsue came in the room, I opened my eyes and saw her eyes were glowing at me, catlike. After a moment, she gasped and exhaled a gust of air–unable to process what she beheld. Boils and pus covered my whole body. I lost a tremendous amount of weight, my stomach was swollen, and my skin looked like somebody with leprosy disease. I looked like I was fresh out of my mother’s womb.

Atsue stroked the boils with her fingertips, feeling their thickness and roughness. Then, she leaned her head against my little chest and began to cry. Tears began to run freely from her eyes, she sobbed, and then opened her mouth wide and let out a wailing cry of pain. “Oh, my darling, what madness has befallen you?” Her voice rose to a shriek on the last words.
A doctor slowly approached her and said, “I’m sorry to say this to you mam, but there’s nothing we can do for this child. In fact, he has approximately 8 hours before he dies.” His words penetrated through Atsue like a bullet, causing an immediate reaction. The fact that I was suffering from an unspecified illness had broken her heart. Now to hear this was unbearable.
“That’s not true!” Atsue protested. “Don’t you dare say Arcene’s not gonna make it. Oh my God, Doc, tell me you’re a liar.” She let her breath out in one terrible scream, a long drawn-out wordless shout of rage and agony–a cry from the very center of her being. The muscles of her abdomen knotted and her throat burned and the cords in her neck ached from the force she put into the scream. She went on screaming until every bit of air in her chest was gone.
The doctor tried to provide comfort and explain why I wouldn’t make it, but Atsue refused to be comforted. She made her way out the hospital and scurried back to the house to alarm Kammu of the stunning news. Unfortunately, Kammu didn’t show up until two days later.
When Kammu finally came walking in the door, he was greeted by an insulting nurse. “Hi,” she said. “Ain’t no sense in coming now. The child is already dead, you stupid old man. Where were you yesterday?”
Kammu was stunned by her cruel tone and choice of words. A deep silence fell between them as he stared soulfully into her eyes. Suddenly, he shifted his eyes toward the floor, spat on it, and with a deep and somewhat hollow voice he said, “I was fasting and praying because the spirit that’s tormenting my son goes not out but by prayer and fasting. Arcene’s not dead but sleeping. His fate lies in God’s hand, the only one who’ll decide when he dies.”
The other practitioners around stopped what they were doing to eavesdrop on the conversation. After a moment of eavesdropping, they shook their heads and murmured. “What a shame. That old man’s crazy…do you hear that rubbish he’s talking?”
The nurse ignored the murmuring and listened as Kammu continued to speak. “It has been shown to me that Arcene will grow up to be a great man of faith–sort of like a Biblical prophet, and many people will be led to God by him. So if you will, take me to where you’re keeping ‘em and you’ll find out that God cannot lie.”
Once he was in the room, he ordered everybody out and shut the door. To be exact, only 20 minutes had passed when he came out the room with me by his side. When everyone turned their attention toward us, they looked shocked as if they were staring at a ghost. I was alive and well. I still had the boils, but my skin no longer seemed affected by leprosy.
Awed by the divine intervention, the practitioners began to apologize to Kammu. ”Excuse us sir. Do not, please, attribute to us the sin in which we have acted foolishly and which we have committed. Please, don’t hold it against us for calling you a vain fellow and thinking you had lost your mind.”
Kammu simply smiled at them and said, “That’s okay. You’re forgiven. Just remember what you’ve witnessed here today, and know that the one who bestrides earth and sky cannot lie. All things are possible with God. A person who doubts God is a great fool…get yourselves a mustard seed faith, and get set to move mountains.”


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This gets more intriguing as I read..

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