Echoes Of An Oversoul--Part 50

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Explosive events and quagmire affected my senses and seemingly transformed me to an alien creature I didn't recognize. This chapter is very ironic and heartfelt.

Echoes Of An Oversoul--Part 50

AS DAYLIGHT CAME, the sun rose and shone brightly. It was about eight-0′clock in the morning when I decided to head off to church. Tank was nowhere to be found at this point.
As I sat inside the small room, stationed on the first floor of the Covenant House, I began to stare up at the ceiling. Although there were five other people there, including Brother Lewie, a sagacious senior citizen priest who was conducting the service, I was oblivious of everyone. I was still somewhat in a trance, and couldn’t seem to snap myself out of my state of numb shock.
Brother Lewie, upon noticing my melancholic countenance, proceeded to make his way towards me. When I first arrived in New York, and I was faced with the fact that Handsome had fast-talked and sold me a dream, I checked myself into the Covenant House. While there, Brother Lewie took a liking to me and we became good friends. However, after just three weeks of residing there, I was told to leave because of too many curfew violations. So I went from there, to the shelter on 128th Street in Harlem, where I met Tank and Cleveland.
Now that Brother Lewie and I met again, he noticed that I was a different person. I used to be a guy who always seemed to be in good spirit. I walked around with my head high, and acted like everything was okay. So I guess he was wondering; what happened to this guy? What’s with the gloomy face and broken spirit?
When he finally reached me, he stooped next to me and said, “What troubles you so, my friend? Is it something you wanna’ share with me, your old buddy?”
“Yes.” I replied, in a low and somewhat hollow voice.
“Well then, alright. Soon as this service is over, you and I will remain in here and I’ll be all ears.”
Soon after the service was over, and everyone had exited the room, he and I remained there and I told him everything. When I was done, we agreed that the cops should be called to get Cleveland some help. Now speaking of Cleveland, even though I had found it hard to believe that he wasn’t dead, while conversing with Brother Lewie, I had managed to regain a little of my composure and convinced myself that he was still alive.
After we came to the agreement of calling the cops, Brother Lewie said he would keep my name and identity confidential. Then, about an hour later, I made my way to a nearby hotel where I met up with my foster parents; Joyce and Michael. I brought them over to the shelter, they helped me grab my belongings, and then we headed off for Florida.

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