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This is a short poem about those internal echoes, why we have them, and what they mean

Echoes of The Mind

Echoes we sometimes hear in life, we will never be able to control
reawakening in us a spiritual side, putting us in touch with our soul
much like an internal echo, signaling us, trying to get our attention
Heaven's attempt to stir us up, forcing upon us a spiritual reflection

Echoes always come unannounced, yet we sense they emanate from within
consciously we're drawn to this new world, a somewhere we've never been
our thoughts focus us on our past, with memories that can capture our mind
sometimes overcome with sadness, and needing recollections to be defined

Magestic Echoes

Echoes causing us to relive our past, yet better equipped to get over the pain
removing this sadness or shame, and permanently giving it this new domain
examining the cause of why we felt so plagued, we want to know the reason
knowing as human beings, our trials and tribulations change with the season

Echoes of confusion and pain, replaced with an unbound understanding and joy
thoughts no longer empowered, our harmony and solitude no longer to destroy
the state of mind that we keep, our true reality, is the place where we take shape
but know that our thoughts, will forever be our test, from them there is no escape

We hear what we want to hear, and we see what we want to see, this is within our power
the echoes we choose to acknowledge or to ignore, we alone are the keeper of the tower
the forces of evil are real, empowered to test us, attacking us with these thoughts we keep
so remove them from your memory, and find your eternal happiness, before that final sleep


Destroy, Echoes, Eternal, Evil, G-D, Happiness, Harmony, Heaven, Human, Joy, Memories, Pain, Poem, Poetry, Power, Reality, Sadness, Shame, Soul, Spiritual, Tests, Thoughts, Trials

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A Poet and Philosopher. Prophecy portends the future, while poetry helps make sense of the past.
Poetry with a message. Sometimes an eternal message, because this world IS the doorway to our eternity. My poetry, more than merely words on paper, is...(more)

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author avatar Delicia Powers
15th Jan 2012 (#)

Very nicely done...!!!

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author avatar 1Faithmorgan
15th Jan 2012 (#)


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author avatar ittech
16th Jan 2012 (#)

GR8 presentation :)

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author avatar Denise O
20th Jan 2012 (#)

Well done. I just love the photo also. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar DuitByJames
11th Nov 2012 (#)

Echoes from before, bouncing back to now, from what is possible.

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