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This is the first of what I hope is a series or a book about time travel in the 21st Century.

Morpheus Morphing

Left to right, Keanu Reeves as "Neo," Carrie-Anne Moss as "Trinity," and Laurence Fishburne as "Morpheus."

Like Clark Kent, Morpheus uses a telephone booth. Booth is symbolic of portal. Telephone, sound, fax, tone. The portal is mobile. The portal is small. It fits one man at a time. Fax yourself?

Are Echos of Humanity's Thoughts Sparking the Schumann Resonance?

I do not discount the importance of Sofleggio. It was on CD decades ago, before Tibetan Bowls became well known to people who do not go on Vipassana retreats or to India and beyond. I can tell which shape a wave is from the sound. I can remember the voices of actors and identify those 40 years later having not heard them in the interim. I can name songs if I hear a few notes but I still won't know the lyrics. Before I come up with the name of the song I can describe where it was played what movie or where I was when I first heard it. I can also do "voices" of various people, not copying anyone I know or have heard but one voice is Australian, one is Lithuanian, the American one is not dominant. They represent different aspects of myself, past, future. I can vocalize in many languages without any accent. I can sing 3 octaves of notes. I can exhale for a full 30 seconds, holding one note. I can break light bulbs with my voice. I choose not to talk or listen most of the time, and part of it is noise pollution part of it is talking bores me.
Echo is to sound as mirror is to light. An echo is a shape repeated but smaller when it creates a kind of Doppler effect...or bigger when that effect is reversed. E=MC squared is a kind of way of explaining the same thing...we disappear and reappear based on our frequency, not how fast the body moves but how fast the source field of which it is composed moves, how fast energy/gravity flows. Our planet is mostly water. Our bodies are mostly water. When the whole planet starts flowing faster you and I will not notice because we as individuals did not consciously make any change. We begin by noticing the effects of this faster flow...matter becomes less stable. Time itself becomes less stable. It BLURS. We will, I predict, as our galaxy moves through the universe, be able to "fade in" and out like in Star Trek but without phasers. We will be able to do it at will. I venture to say there are already humans living here with us that can and do phase in and out and there are areas of weak gravity ("geopathic zones") that facilitate this time travel. Four Corners area of USA is one such area. I am guessing the Oregon "Mystery Spot" is also another such portal, and often portals are depicted in movies at least as being in or near mountain lakes, water, but at a high elevation, because gravity is weaker at high elevation. The blurring of space/time into time/space and back is essentially going from here/now to here/past or to here/future.

I have extreme HYPERACUSIS and what current medicine calls "auditory processing disorder." I do not hear normally. I hear more echo than normal. Words bleed into each other, but so do unspoken words and words perhaps spoken in the past/future by the same individual. Some of this is telepathy I have developed. I can tell you that old movies are a kind of portal so are sound recordings if they have not been edited/changed. Remembering how a voice sounded when it spoke certain words where the person was, filling in the "scene" is also a portal. All of this can be recreated from memory. What David writes in Source Field Investigations about rewinding or fast forwarding is something I have done all my life. That does not mean we can see anything we want to anytime we want to. We can see our own lives and the people connected with us by the sound (voice, music, etc.) which is a unique vibratory frequency, a signature. Imagine a supercomputer, where you can google sounds. You can now google an .mp3 and you can also google a .jpg. Imagine you could google your own memory. Imagine you could google it in time/space measured in second/meter (every meter forward or backward is travel in time forward or backward) just as you can google in space/time in meter/second (every second forward or backward in time is measured in meters…example I travelled 10 meters in 30 seconds to the garage and back. Imagine you could google your thoughts (perhaps in meditation or dream) and get hits from 10 years ago. In the parallel universe, you can google it and find these same thoughts it in the future as well, cut and paste it for yourself, send an email to yourself, etc. within accepted rules of syntax, which would include not changing someone else’s history, not violating personal ethical standards (such as insider trading), etc. What seems to be happening in my own life is that when I find something important, I flag it. Different flags for different things. Most of mine seem to be repeating numbers…which is perhaps why numerologists sometimes assign certain emotions to certain numbers. Emotions are like a personal pallet of paints, they are highly subjective. There is no “right” answer but I think we do this phasing and flagging all the time and when we remember what system we used for encoding our own “Aha” moments then we get more echo. Hearing the echo is hearing the future self speaking or thinking the same vibratory pattern at the same “time” as we are, in perfect lock-step, in SYNCH. Phased in. I hear when people are out of synch with their future selves. I interpret this as untruth. 99% of the people I have met so far do this most of the time they are speaking and when they are not speaking the thoughts sometimes re-create the same pattern of self-lie. This has largely to do with ideas about “normal,” mostly invented ideas, avoiding an “abnormal” label like the plague. Occasionally, the echo is very large. I interpret that as a collective AHA! Moment. A major event in human history. The more consciously aware we become of echo the more control (and responsibility) we have over our lives and every life we touch and influence. This works like “instant polling.” I don’t need a questionnaire or words, I can take a poll with thoughts. It seems at first like fantasy or wishful thinking, it’s not when done honestly, and poll is often out of synch, it’s not a matter of approve or disapprove, it is a matter of no echo.
Back to our supercomputer google search. If we find the unique signature of human voice as a searchable string, a vibratory frequency, in past/future we can tinker with it, focus it, and refine it or anything it has touched. Selfie is important for self-observation and growth. As long as it is observation not worship it is healthy not narcissistic. I observe myself, I observe David. I also observe neither of us is perfect and that we both have a tendency to paint anyone who offers unflattering remarks as “a hater” so we can ignore them.
So my voice and my hearing are gifts. I do not want to change them or conform them to "normal" reality. Nor can I function in any work environment where people talk expecting me to listen, use telephones, make noise, and for various other reasons I want to be alone, avoid physical contact with people and so I rarely have conversations of any kind that are spoken.
It is my view that talking is for those who have not developed telepathy, or for those who are afraid to use it, to rely on it. I do not like or encourage talking because I consider it to be an obstacle to spiritual advancement. I am not here for all people, only for those who read and who meditate. Talking is mostly ego for the person doing it. David has written all of this down in his 3 or 4 books, very little of his lecture is new but it is fun after reading most of the books to see David reason his way through it, even if I do not agree with him 100% I have never expressed "hatred." Reservations and occasional critical suggestions, yes but you won't get hatred or any other emotion from me. I am very interested in sound and how sound and sacred geometry are related...cymatics...Nassim Haramein...and like David when I grew up I would hear these science teachers arrogantly lecture and give us failing grades because we questioned them and yet I knew they were 100% confused and wrong and until now did not know why I thought so. I used to think I was bad at science because I was a girl, such was the brainwashing of the 1950s.

So back to sound, I listen to recordings and I sing. I listen to birds and dogs. I hear the wind. I listened to various recordings of crickets slowed down that sound like angels and now I almost hear angels when I hear crickets. I listen to a variety of tonal music, chants, Tibetan bowls, drums, very little popular Western music. I do not listen to lyrics and rarely know what they are unless I look them up.

So. Yes, I hear overtones. I think the only way I could have survived my childhood, which alternated from being treated like a princess one minute to being treated like an unwanted pet the next, was to sing in any space that had the right echo, often a shower, a toilet room (Israel separates them and usually builds with stone floors increasing echo), subway station...or I suppose a cave, if I can find a cave. The echo is a mirror of the fractal of sound which is what we collectively create as a planet, which in some way is the moving force, what causes lightening.

The question which I have now answered myself is, "But, David, what causes the initial spark?" Where does the lightening come FROM? It comes from us, from our collective "echo." Humanity echos at 7.83 hz. We are you might say, the product of our echos, of our overtones. It is the echo which is source field, which is shaped into matter. The matter is "here" 1/3 of the time, it is literally in the past 1/3 time and in the future 1/3 time. Every thought we think that deviates from the previous pattern we ourselves established changes not only the future but the past as well and it changes by a tiny bit every other living being which is connected with us in those timelines. Dewey Larson may have come up with math to justify his theory but Jane Roberts explained all this in the same words in 1974. Robert Heinlein came up with "loosh" in 1954. None of these ideas is original. If you live for 50+ years, and have a decent memory the same words come back with somebody else's signature on the publication. Time travel is ordinary, we all do it in our sleep, in our "day" dreams and in our moments of inspiration. We inspire ourselves. If we have faith in ourselves, then there is a "higher power." It's us.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Aug 2015 (#)

We lose ourselves in the cacophony of physical sounds. Silence is indeed golden and also time for quite, uninterrupted thoughts.

I go to my childhood and relive the moments and the smells associated with them. Sometimes my dreams are more like reality.

Thought provoking, thanks - siva

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
3rd Aug 2015 (#)

Childhood is wasted on the childish. I now appreciate that I was loved unconditionally for a number of years as many people never have that experience, ever. Namaste, Siva

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author avatar Retired
27th Aug 2015 (#)

I wonder if it will really happen one day?

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
27th Aug 2015 (#)

What Siva, unconditional love? All you have to do is open your heart.

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author avatar 魔鬼天使
11th Oct 2017 (#)

媚薬 販売:

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