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Sometimes we just need to stop, listen, and learn something new.


you speak on my intelligence
so I speak on your ignorance

the eloquence of my words offend you
so you respond with profanity

see that is why you will remain
closed off
closed minded
and shut off
from the progress of this world

because you continue to spew
regurgitated facts
facts that you have not researched
nor verified

you have proven once again the saying
if you wanna hide something
hide it in a book

all I want is for you to become
oh I'm sorry is that word too eloquent
for your vocabulary
how about this
I want you to pick up a
m__ f__ book and read it
pick up a d___ newspaper and read it
I want you to learn about what makes you you

oh wait I think I lost you when
I stop using profanity to make my point

but you want to speak on my intelligence
when clearly
you on purpose limit yours

(I drop the mic and exit stage left
to leave you to wallow in your own
self-righteous ignorance)


Education, Learn, Listen

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I jot down life experiences of my own and those around me in the form of poems or narratives.

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author avatar peachpurple
26th Jul 2015 (#)

beautiful poem, we learn as we age

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Jul 2015 (#)

We learn, unlearn and relearn, but retain the core of our being. Thought provoking share, thanks - siva

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author avatar justicetee
26th Jul 2015 (#)


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