Eight Seconds

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"I admire bull riders for their passion and the uniqueness each one of them has."

Chris LeDoux.

Rodeo is a fascinating sport with bull riding spectacular, because you never know what cowboy or bull might do!

Eight Seconds

In the chute waiting
Sitting on 2,000 pounds
Muscled beef persuading
Banging the gate, sounds
Hoping eight seconds

Hand tight the rope
Hat, spurs, and boots
It’s not about wardrobe
It’s about opening of chutes
Beast, ride eight seconds

Adrenaline rush, about time
Crowd roaring last rider
Stumbled out not a dime
Cowboy a hard fighter
Two short of eight seconds

Rodeoing extreme sport
Few rules or timeouts
Trying only a time short
Hot headed bull bounce
Mount only eight seconds

Only sport where opponent
Kick you and throw you
Stomp your brains in a moment
Without a penalty him due
Your body ..and eight seconds

Gate opens bull wild
Snort and mouth drool
Kicking hind legs high
Twisting, no ordinary bull
Riding Bushwhacker eight seconds!!

Reference to J. B. Mauney Riding The Bull, Bushwhacker

Bushwacker is the top-ranked bull. J.B. Mauney is the hot rider who ended Bushwacker’s record streak of buckoffs this season. Oct. 23, 2013

Reference-USA Today

Bushwacker Is a Tough Bull: Since October 2009, no professional bull rider has been able to stay on Bushwacker for eight seconds

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — It took nine tries but J.B. Mauney finally made a full 8-second ride of Bushwacker, the record-setting bull that had 42 consecutive buckoffs at Professional Bull Riders events.

Mauney rode the 1,700-pound bull for 95.25 points Saturday night to win the Express Employment Professionals Classic presented by WinStar World Casino to earn $46,605 and stop the streak that began in 2009 when Bushwacker was 3 years old.

“It’s about time,” said Mauney, who had been thrown off in his eight previous attempts to ride the 2011 world champion bull. “Everything’s going great right now. When you feel good, you ride good.”

The 26-year-old cowboy from Mooresville, N.C., came into the final round in second place and made the crowd-pleasing decision to ride Bushwacker in the championship round.

With every other rider, including Markus Mariluch, who was the last rider to make a qualified ride on Bushwacker in 2009, and every stock contractor cheering him on from the back of the bucking chutes, Mauney threw caution to the wind and disregarded every basic fundamental of bull riding.

“I was just hanging on,” he admitted.

Bushwacker is the front-runner for this year’s world champion bull title. He was the high-marked bull of the event with 46.75 points.

“If it had to be anybody it had to be J.B.,” said Kent Cox, who has handled Bushwacker his entire career for owner Julio Moreno.

Reference-AP Sports URL-http://www.kens5.com/sports/220084501.html

Quote Reference-braineyquotes.com


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author avatar Erly
22nd Aug 2014 (#)

Wow!! superb article Ronnie, I am so impressed.Congratulations for forwarding and sharing here your potential in writing.Thanks for sharing this. I remember when I did a horse-ride..... very fantastic.Take care.

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author avatar RBB1010
22nd Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks Erly your friendship so precious.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Aug 2014 (#)

A sport that looks dangerous but I am sure the cowboys know how to take care - siva

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
22nd Aug 2014 (#)

Excellent article.

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author avatar RBB1010
22nd Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks SivaramakrishnanA and Nancy, I am new here and it feels good to begin to know people.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
22nd Aug 2014 (#)

You are so welcome. I look forward to reading your work.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
11th Sep 2014 (#)

I had to see what your entries were like because you made a comment on another article that I was reading. So there's proof that commenting on articles gets people to look at what you write.

I had to pick this poem because you mentioned Chris LaDoux in the summary. Chris LaDoux is something of a hero around my hometown, which honors cowboys and country western singers above world leaders. From your comment, I knew English was not your first language, so I was intrigued by the idea of you being interested in country western music. And rodeo -- I know rodeo does not have to be an American concept, but it is often thought of in those terms. As someone from Arkansas, USA,, I have attended many rodeo events with my father. I do not know if I saw the rider you mentioned, but I saw Ty Murr(a)y and many other great riders. I liked your poem. I felt you knew what it was like to be in rodeo or watch rodeo -- or listen to country western music.

I don't know how I feel about your copying and pasting someone else's article (the non-poem part) into your article. Yes, technically you gave credit, but I didn't think you needed the entire article to explain about a cowboy term. Linking the keyword to the article probably would have been a better choice.

But that is all my opinions are -- opinions. Please keep writing and improving your English. Also -- don't worry about Peter's comment about poetry. You have to remember that there are many submissions that do not get published on this site. After you see all the poetry that IS published on this site -- and there is a lot worse than yours -- then you will better understand what Peter was trying to say. I think you will agree that there is a difference between taking the time to craft words into a poem and throwing words together and calling it a poem because you are too lazy to write in complete sentences. Unfortunately, there are people who do that.
Thanks for sharing, and I hope to see more articles from you and continued improvement each time -- the articles I write today are better than the articles I wrote last year, and I've been writing articles for over 20 years, only in English. I know something of a few other languages, but would not dare embarrass myself by publishing poetry or prose in those languages!! So my hat is off to you on that!

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author avatar RBB1010
11th Sep 2014 (#)

Yes ..I'm very much a novice at writing and never able to conquer English very well. Please tell me on my wrongs ..(gently ..lol) but at Triond I loved to use quotes at the beginning. May I ask the difference of using a quote as compared to a video or photo that is used to strengthen your article? I am new here and am only trying to learn the acceptable and the non acceptable. No offense meant, just trying to learn and thanks so much for your comment and help.

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