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What evil thoughts one can have towards a bad neighbor. This poem was inspired by true events


El - Loko
So we called him
For he was like a locomotive
Diminutive in size
But his exaggerated ego made up for this lack
His eyes blazed red hot like sunset
An aftermath of the grass he blazed constantly
And the aftermath of this had given him character
Like that of a mad man in search of more madness
His home in constant turmoil
For his wife to him a punching bag
Sore as she was from the delivery of his twins
The blaze in his eyes blinded all his emotions
And his children's chorus cries were constantly carried by the wind
His maids and nannies, his royal subjects
To spread his tentacles and unleash his venom
The may-guard a sparring partner
A test of his strength despite how belittling
And to his neighbors, a nuisance he was
For all his inconsiderate displays
One like him ought not to co-habit with others
But should live alone in solitude

Often I have sat down and thought of how to avenge him
With little tricks, like a child playing pranks
My mind would wander places
And in this head of mine
Oh!! What evil I have done
For his clothes were hanging at my back yard
And I poured red hot freshly ground pepper all over them
But t'was the maid to suffer this plight
And his clothes are still hanging at my backyard
So I took a pair of scissors and bore a big hole in his slacks
Such that would reveal his man, should he wear it
Ha ha!! And I laughed to myself
Then I took the dead rat my husband had just slain
And stuffed it in his shirt pocket
If not discovered on time
It would cause a great stench to all of his laundry
And smear its burial ground
Ha ha! Again, I amuse myself
And when he parked his car in an uncaring manner
I snuck out in the middle of the night
With the constellations as my witness
And deflated all four of his tyres
I then amused myself with the look on his face
When this was discovered in the dawn of a new day
But before he stepped out of his house that morning
He encountered yet another fruit of my mischief
For when I was done with the deflating
I went up his stairwell and saturated his welcome mat
In a pool of fresh white oil paint
That when he stepped out of his front door that morning
His shoes and the base of his suit , had received a fresh makeover
Walking to his car with a trail of white paint
Only to find his tyres all down to the ground
And his exploring eyes had also finally discovered the paint
His loud roar awoke all who were still asleep
But he was ignored and everyone carried on as normal
With the may-guard once again
To bear the brunt of his madness
On an early Monday morning
Ha ha ha ha!!!! What a laugh
But this was all in my head
For I have not the spirit to carry out these acts
My God, my moral guidance
My spouse, my sponsor
Lucky you Mr Loko


Malicious Poem, Narrative Poetry

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I am an Artist , Poet and Writer. I believe in love, poetry is a part of me, the words play in my head and wouldn't let me rest till they are released.....

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