Election 2015

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My views of the political campaigning for 2015 general election.

Election 2015

Election 2015

Over recent decades British politics has been facing a change it is not willing to accept. The three main parties at Westminster have become so accustomed to their traditional place within the political world that they no longer care what the electorate actually want. With the belief they will always secure a substantial share of the votes and will sit in government or opposition each parliament has lead them into a mire of lies, negativity, duplicity, and scare-tactics. Although a small nation there is a vast difference in the political views and support across it. Only now have the main parties realised their power is not guaranteed and they stand on the precipice of their own demise. As nationalism empowers Scotland and Wales, and disenchantment eats at their power base in England they have reacted in the only manner they can. By playing on the fears and anxieties of the electorate.
The Conservatives, already a spent force outside of England, realise their only hope lies in seizing a majority of the seats in England and make empty promises hoping no-one will probe too deep and find they are impossible to fulfil. Their campaign has an air of desperation as they launch attacks on the parties around them hoping to distract people from the unequal society that they seek to protect. As the country cries out for acceptable levels of healthcare, education, welfare, and employment, they provide little proof they intend to deliver on any and instead bash their political opponents in the hope the electorate will forget their crippling policies against the poorest and least able of our society. Or their protection of the richest and their wealth. As poverty, homelessness and despair, soared and the lower classes of our country bore the brunt of austerity that was billed as necessary, we were repeatedly informed ‘we’re in it together’. If nothing else the Conservatives have shown that we are most definitely not in it together and any future government under their control will continue with a financial policy that spells destitution and despair for the vast majority of the electorate.
Labour is in turmoil, their leader is weak, their policies are haphazard and reactionary, and their supporters have deserted in droves as they realise the ‘working class’ party is no more. They have become red Tories. Those members fortunate enough to be elected will continue to feast on the Westminster gravy train, while many who voted for them struggle to feed, clothe, and house themselves. Their recent time in power has shown them to be deceitful and untrustworthy, their financial mismanagement has heaped misery and suffering on those who could least afford it, while their members have lined their own pockets and boosted their already swollen bank accounts. At a time when the country needs a strong alternative to the current government Labour fail to measure up in all areas.
The Lib-Dems are in their political death-throes. As the third main party of Westminster they have wallowed in the background for decades, their brief foray into government showing that they are untrustworthy and willing to sell out their core principles for any scrap of power. They wrote their own obituary when they sold out their supporters to form a coalition with the Conservatives. Desperation to resuscitate themselves saw them join willing in the metaphorical butchery of the very people who gave them power. Reneging on their promises over education, health, welfare, and taxes has destroyed any credibility that remained and they are now seen as nothing more than lackeys and yes-men.
But what is the alternative? This is the very question that the three parties are now basing their campaigns on.
There are alternatives, although in England the choices are fewer than in Scotland and Wales. In Wales, Plaid Cymru have been empowered by the failure of these parties and are in a stronger position than they have ever known before. Many Welsh voters realise a vote for any of the main three will not help them, indeed they now realise that these MP’s will return to Westminster without a thought of representing the people who elected them. Plaid Cymru is the only party who will represent Welsh interests and the Welsh people with dedication and determination. Something the three main parties have promised often but have never delivered on.
In Scotland the political picture is even more clear. The Conservatives died long ago north of the border, Labour promised much but delivered little, and the Lib-Dems sold out their Scottish voters as quickly as they sold out those in England and Wales. The Scottish National Party has been the best alternative for the Scottish people with Greens and Socialists also gathering support from the disillusioned masses who have been lied to and ignored for far too long.
The main parties could only react in one way to the prospect of their political destruction and the desolation of the political status quo that has existed for so long. They spread fear and anxiety. Aided by their cronies and cohorts in the mainstream media, an impartial broadcasting corporation that is anything but, and big businesses with their own agendas they have channelled their energies into negative campaigning. They play on people’s fear of the unknown, fear of insecurity, and fear of change. While they claim pensions will stop, the NHS will collapse, businesses will close, and our country will be left destitute if you vote for anyone but them they show themselves for what they really are. They are scared, scared that other parties once in power can do better than they can, that new representatives may have the morals and principles that they so obviously lack, that the electorate may realise that these political dinosaurs have had their day and leave them to extinction. They have too much to lose to be positive, honest, or principled.
All three entered this campaign believing they could steal their opponents disillusioned supporters with little effort and the other smaller parties were insignificant and not worth bothering about. Now as the election looms their eyes have been opened, they are panicking, and they should be. In England UKIP has presented itself as a serious threat to the three parties, accruing support from all three parties dissatisfied voters and threatening to take seats that the three desperately need to gain a majority. In Wales, Plaid Cymru have established a firm power base that will see them return a significant number of MP’s who will represent Welsh interests in a way that Conservative, Labour, and Lib-Dem have failed to do repeatedly. As for Scotland, the Scottish National party’s momentum has grown daily and thrown Westminster into hysterical panic. The three main parties know they have lost Scotland for ever, they know that they have little hope of stealing their opponents dissatisfied voters, they know the only weapon they have left is fear, threats, and bullying.
And the mainstream media has leapt on the opportunity to line their own pockets and gain favour with the big three as all pretence of impartiality, morality, and honesty is ignored and they throw themselves behind the very people they have criticised so heavily in the past. Many of the other parties will know that the media is not their friend, but it is what the electorate know, or think they know that matters. All across the UK the mass media pursues its own policy of fear as it vainly tries to drive the electorate away from the smaller parties, even the ‘impartial’ BBC can’t hide its bias and political favouritism as it carefully edits and broadcasts its articles to convince the electorate they must choose one of the three main parties if they want the best for their country. The Sun newspaper is so driven by its need for sales it is contradicting itself with its political reporting. In England they support the Conservatives claiming Labour would allow the Scottish Nationals to control the government while in Scotland they are supporting the very party they have so far claimed will destroy the UK. The BBC presents debates between the three main party leaders, producing soundbites and video clips, carefully chosen to show the leaders better moments while ignoring their flaws and failings. Their coverage of the lesser parties being negative and brief, they ignore the triumphs and popularity of these parties and their supporters because of their own vested interests in maintaining the political status quo.
So what can be done? How do we know that our country will be safe in the hands of smaller parties or will prosper if it is governed by a coalition? What can be done is simple, everyone needs to vote, to make their voices heard, and to tell the three main parties they have failed us for the last time. Don’t listen to the mass media who change their loyalties to sell the most newspapers and who have shown themselves to be morally bankrupt, hypocritical, and untrustworthy. Don’t listen to the BBC whose income is largely dependent on an Act of Parliament meaning they can’t afford to be impartial lest a government is formed who decides they are as unnecessary and as archaic as the three parties they rely on. The only thing to do is read the campaign leaflets and letters, then start asking questions. If a party says they will provide funding for something, ask where they are getting it from, if there is no answer then the pledge is hollow. If a politician can’t answer a simple yes or no question without a five minute long tirade of spin that fails to affirm or deny then forget them. The three main parties and the mainstream media has spent so long telling voters what to think and how to vote they no longer believe we are capable of independent thought and their contempt is evident in the campaigns they now pursue.
This is no more evident than it is in Scotland, the three main parties are vanquished, the Nationals are on the brink of the largest victory in Scottish political history, and Westminster is terrified. The Nationals know that they and Plaid Cymru hold the balance of power before the votes have even been cast, they know that they represent an electorate that will not tolerate the failings any longer, they know that we want change, they are determined to give the electorate what they want. And the three main parties know they have lost Scotland, they don’t care that they have failed us, they only care that they may lose power at Westminster. The Conservatives in Scotland died under Thatcher, they know there will be no resurrection, they will continue to give us nothing because they have nothing to gain. They can’t win Scottish votes, so they seek to splinter the electorate and dissipate the Nationals vote by predicting doom and destruction should the Nationals hold any sort of power in parliament. And by doing so they show Westminster for what it really is. It is the parliament of the United Kingdom but even if every seat in Scotland is represented by the SNP the Conservatives claim we have no right to influence government policy. Yes they would only hold 59 seats but that accounts for just over 9% of the house of commons and in our political system this is a significant proportion of the house, and in fact more than the Lib-dems held when they were being courted so enthusiastically by Labour and Conservative to form a coalition after the previous general election. Nothing could prove more clearly how much contempt both Tory and Labour have for Scotland than this attitude toward the Nationals. Labour too has committed political suicide in Scotland, refusing to even consider an issue-by-issue alliance with the Nationals they have proclaimed as clearly as the Conservatives, ‘we don’t care what Scotland says or Scotland wants, now do as we tell you’. As for the Lib-Dems, they’re finished all over the UK. Their rhetoric about the perils of Nationalism are largely ignored and they merely parrot the lies produced by Labour and the Tories, like a little child unable to think for itself or present any kind of authority, they hold on to coat tails of the other two as the yawning chasm of political obscurity threatens to swallow them forever.
And what is they reaction of these parties to the Nationals popularity, spread fear and uncertainty, try every underhanded tactic possible to chip away at the behemoth that threatens to crush them. Only last year these very same parties, with the same leaders rushed north to tell us how important we are to the United Kingdom, how vital it is for us to stay, and how our opinion matters to them. Now they show their hypocrisy and lack of moral fibre as they contradict their previous statements and mislead the electorate with claims of doom that the SNP will bring. They refuse to consider a coalition with the SNP, a statement that not only shows the contempt for the Scottish electorate but also highlights their own egotistical belief that one of them will always hold control of the government. They wrongly claim that Nationals in government will force another referendum on independence but this is a lie designed to push pro-unionists to vote for one of the three main parties. The Nationals are supporters of independence but they are supporters of Scotland first. They don’t distinguish between pro-independence and pro-unionist, they aren’t attempting to achieve independence by the back door as many claim. They have only one aim in this election, to tell Westminster we have had enough of their contempt and ignorance.
The main parties then exploit the ‘coalition fear factor’ attempting to push the electorate away from the smaller parties with claims of pending disaster should no-one gain an overall majority. This is also a horrendous lie. The parties will carefully cite countries with coalition governments who have suffered economical problems or who struggle to function in one way or another, however, the one country they will always fail to mention is Germany. Since it’s reunification Germany has been governed by a succession of coalition governments who not only overcame the massive economical task of rebuilding the east of their country after the fall of the Iron Curtain but, are also one of the strongest economies in Europe. Germany is a stark example of how coalition government is better for a country than a single party majority.
Already the three main parties are discussing what they will do post-election in regards to coalitions and forming a government, but why should they be so certain. Plaid Cymru are predicted to take only a few seats in Wales but predictions have been widely inaccurate before. The main parties’ contempt for Welsh needs is only marginally less than it is for Scotland and the Welsh electorate is becoming more aware of the need for a party that represents them at Westminster not one who represents Westminster in Wales.
There is only one way the British electorate can vote for a better Britain, and that is to vote out the elitists, hypocrites, liars, and fatcats who infest our government and shadow cabinet. To elect independent and small party candidates who can work together to fairly represent the entire country instead of the big party candidates who are only interested in their own careers and bank balances. Welsh and Scottish Nationalists have a vested interest in guiding Britain in the right direction, although the big three say otherwise, we’re part of this country too and prosperity for Britain means prosperity for Scotland, England and Wales. A government formed by MP’s representing the electorate instead of MP’s representing a party will produce a government for the United Kingdom. This country has seen tumultuous events in recent political history, and it needs to see more. It is time to end the domination of Labour and Conservative within parliament, it is time to tell the Lib-Dems they are no longer a political force of any significance, and it is time to tell Westminster that the political parties of the last three centuries have no place in modern government. It’s time for change, we deserve it, we want it, and we need it. Refusing to vote will change nothing, refusing to vote Labour, Conservative, or Lib-Dem will change Britain for the better. They have failed to listen and they have failed this country, another term of these failures will be disastrous for this country.


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