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I'm not fond of writing poems when I was a student in high school. In fact, I had never written one which was a requirement for Literature or Creative Writing class back then. Yet, leaving a life away from home for months, made me realize that every person is truly gifted with creativity. It's just there are some (including me) who care less about exploring what other abilities could be harnessed in one's self besides the use of simple and plain language.

Memories of Jiri-san

Waking up in a foggy morning
Getting a feel of cool dewdrops
Looking at the trees in wintertime
Thinking deeply of Jiri-san…

Going through a long, long way
Delighting at the sights shun gray
Appreciating serenity and calm
Pondering thoughts of Jiri-san…

Wishing to dip into Sumjin River
Gazing at the picturesque mountains
Capturing smiles bright as the sun
Enjoying the journey to Jiri-san…

Sitting together with tea masters
Sharing thoughts while quenching thirst
Meeting souls in new found friends
Proving Jiri-san tea’s miracles…

Reverberating water in the brooks
Refreshing and comforting as it flows
Calming the mind through solitude
Experiencing Jiri-san indeed was good!


Jiri-San, South Korea

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English Language Teacher

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
13th Oct 2014 (#)

Beauty of love is Nature and Earth,
Sun now shining with laughter and mirth.
Bringing together the world of Life,
Standing forth proudly as Creators' Wife.

Showing the Elements with Sun, Moon and Stars,
Bringing forth magic into Valley of Flowers,
With Earth, Wind, Fire, Water pouring Love,
As they see the magic in heavens Above.

Showing no other can ever touch seasons within,
Least of all the energies of Web of SIN.
With Spring with Autumn with Summery Life,
Welcoming with Love the beauty of the Wife.

Showing no other brings Waves of Heart of Sea,
With tranquil blue of placid diamond decree.
With all of Creation now shining forth in Love,
As Heaven and Earth now join the Sun Above.

Bringing in the happiness and joy from the heart,
Heralding the truth of a Brand New Start.
As the world now sees the fact from within,
Coming back to the world for all now to grin.

This is the One who just won the heart,
Showing the gift of love right from start.
With all of Creation bringing the Elements to Life,
For I am who I am here the Creators' Wife.

With Children of the World unfurling dream,
Showing nothing in life is ever too extreme.
As all get together with the gift of prayer,
Showing Planet Earth and Nature handle with care.

Pulling the vibrations right back to see,
This is the truest face of love meant to be.
With all of Creation seeing Nature in Love,
Pulling his wife to shine again in heavens Above.

Showing no other can ever rule his world,
In the moment of truth that has unfurled.
With all of Creation now feeling the dream,
Nothing in life is ever too extreme.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 14th October 2014

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author avatar Utah Jay
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Welcome to wikinut. Nice poetry. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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author avatar Elaine Rose G Nachon
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks a lot Jay.

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author avatar Cleotilde ilagan
14th Oct 2014 (#)

galing nman...keep it up dr. elaine

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author avatar Elaine Rose G Nachon
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Thank you po Tita Cleo.=)

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author avatar Icy Princess Apigo Trencio
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Job well done Dr. Elaine! The words are very powerful that really appeals to the senses of the reader. I felt as if I actually went there at Jiri-San jsut by reading your poem.

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author avatar Elaine Rose G Nachon
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks Doc Icy. You may also want to register to this site.

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author avatar Carlos Andam
14th Oct 2014 (#)

That's nice, now you are a poet, congrats again!

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