Eliminate Bad Moods Through Writing

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Life is too short to be grumpy. Writing can be a wonderful outlet, a channel for letting go of things that are bothering you.

When I Should Have Stayed in Bed

There's nothing like an unexpected early awakening to put me in a bad mood. This morning our dear bundle of fluff bounced through the cat door, making the meowing sound we've recently come to dread. He may be old, but our furry friend is having a wonderful hunting season and he delights in bringing his trophies home for us to admire.
I did not like being woken sooner than expected, especially knowing that if I didn't notice his needy attention soon there'd be a mess to clean up later.
I yelled at the cat and anyone else who cared to listen, before disposing of his gift of love. I angrily spilled far too many cat biscuits into his bowl and whacked a lump of cat meat into his plate. Feeling my foot come into surprise contact with the fridge door didn't help my mood at all.
It was time to limp back to bed, where I vowed I'd stay all day.

The Call of Morning Coffee

One thing I've learned over the years is bad moods take energy. I'm a naturally happy person and being grumpy for a prolonged period needs to be worked at.
As I lay in bed with the duvet pulled over my head to block out the world, images of coffee invaded my thoughts. Maybe a cup of coffee would enable me to stay in bed much longer. So, there I was, out in the kitchen once more, still grumbling under my breath at the way my day had started, but not quite as loudly as earlier.
I headed back to bed with coffee in one hand and my lap top in the other.

Writing my Grumpiness Away

This time of day, before breakfast when the world is usually peaceful, is my favourite writing time, the time when I let my thoughts wander wherever they care to go. And so, without much thought I started writing, letting my angry thoughts gush onto the page.
The more I wrote, the better I felt. After I'd written about 400 words I realised I'd forgotten to be grumpy. The cat and the coffee had ensured I was wide awake, so I may as well make the most of a bad deal.
I read the piece of writing through, polished it up a little and posted it on my blog, Writing Your Stories.
The feeling I'd achieved part of my daily writing quota so early put a smile back on my face.

The Remedy of Writing

Life is far too short to waste by indulging in grumpy bad moods that are of no use to anyone. By venting all my frustrations through writing I cleared the air around me and allowed more positive thoughts to emerge.
I called my blog piece Writing is the Equivalent of an Apple a Day. Just as the old saying tells us an apple a day keeps the doctor away, my writing chased away my negative thoughts, allowing my day to be more positive.
Writing is definitely the best way I can think of to nurture my mental health and maintain a positive outlook on life. Why don't you try the remedy of writing next time the world seems to be against you?

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author avatar Shirley Shuler
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Val, I couldn't agree with you more, writing has been a great remedy for me.

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author avatar Retired
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Great star [age, dear...writing as remedy--cathartic!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Great article to read...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Writing is therapeutic - sharing our thoughts and reading others. I agree with you, Val - siva

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author avatar Delicia Powers
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Well done, writing for me opened a door through which I could pass a wall of grief many years ago...it is a productive way to deal with strong emotions...great article as always Val and thanks:0)

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author avatar Retired
19th Mar 2013 (#)

I have to agree Val. Writing does make you feel better. :-)

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author avatar Christine Crowley
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Actualy I like to be grumpy once in a while - it makes feeling good even more delicious. But I should try writing to get out of my grumpyness.

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author avatar C.D. Moore
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Journalling Is great therapy and you never Know what gems may emerge. Well done!

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author avatar Songbird B
19th Mar 2013 (#)

This article made me smile dear friend as so many of yours do. You write with such descriptive eloquence..I will recall this sound advice next time my mood could do with a boost! \0/x

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author avatar Susan Jane
21st Mar 2013 (#)

A wonderful truth about how you can control moods and emotions. Immersing yourself in writing makes some harsh realities of life go away for a while. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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author avatar Djbrat
22nd Mar 2013 (#)

Excellent, I do the same thing. After awhile I forget that I was grumpy and feel better. ((hugs)) ♥

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author avatar Kingwell
23rd Mar 2013 (#)

Good post. I find that it works for me too.

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author avatar Janelle Coulton
24th Mar 2013 (#)

Writing definitely works to cure a bad mood. It also works when you are angry and hurt. Writing down every feeling you have is good therapy, especially when you don't filter and just write every thought that comes to you. Of course when I write like that, I don't go public with it, it's simple therapy for me.

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author avatar M G Singh
29th Mar 2013 (#)

Very useful advice. Good suggestion, yes writing is an an antidote to many things and anger is one of them

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author avatar rose leisure
13th May 2013 (#)

I love to write when I'm upset. It gives me that release in addition to the sense of accomplishment for working on my daily writing.

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author avatar C.S. McClellan
2nd Jan 2015 (#)

Too much immersion in the unsettled online writing world of the last few days has destroyed my balance, and I need to get it back. It's very hard to concentrate on serious writing when I'm this upset, so thanks for the nudge. I'm grateful that it's been preserved and waiting for me for almost two years.

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author avatar Val Mills
2nd Jan 2015 (#)

Like you, I've been struggling to find writing balance, for some time now. My return to Wikinut will hopefully enable me to focus more on serious writing.

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