Elvis Survived the 70's

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Many people have reported seeing Elvis in different places. We have heard stories of the such. Until the last decade the world thought of him as being deceased. It is true Elvis the image is gone but the man is alive and is going by his dead twin's name, Jesse Garon.

Elvis Survived the 70's

Blue Suede Shoes, Teddy Bear,

Influenced music, clothes and hair,

Elvis' flame had soon burned low,

And found him clinging with no place to go.

Elvis in Hollywood trapped ten years making,

His music was good while he stood shaking,

Later back to Memphis, many years on,

His work died out. Do you recall this song?

"Walking in Memphis?" Yeah we have heard that one,

‘I saw the Ghost of Elvis, yeah he was gone,

From lack of security, he just walked through,

Past the Gates of Graceland in his blue suede shoes.

Elvis Survived the 70's (continues)

Let me tell you something, I want to write about,

On that fateful day how his flame burned out,

While his image kept on burning, his heart stayed true,

If you could see him now you'd know he slipped right thru.

His body soaked in pain, no one had a clue,

It mostly went un-noticed in his dancing and his moves,

An image there was burning, known by his natural name,

His inner clock kept ticking down to this very day.

Elvis' stint with his career, went twenty years long,

He met himself head-on while he was still a song,

A ghost did not go walking thru those iron gates,

He's back home somewhere, and Jesse's his new name!

Elvis Survived the 70's (continues- 2)

Elvis was seen in Germany and around the USA

Was seen in Kalamazoo, a desk clerk was his new game,

The Colonel had a problem in big gambling debts ,

In his days of Vegas he often lost the bets,

IOU's began to stack up high,

And to the mafia he was tied!

He and his boy Elvis, they had no route,

So a plan was hatched to get them out!

Elvis had to leave everything behind,

For the plan to go and his name to hide,

So he became John Burrows only once more,

To leave his beautiful Graceland door!

He worked undercover for the government

Twenty-five years after, there he spent;

When some publisher got records from a public domain,

That found him living under a different name.

By his interview, a DVD and thru his CD

I learned of what happened on eight-sixteen,

That Elvis went on living as a normal man,

His retirement fulfilled all hatched by a plan.

Elvis Survived the 70's (continues- 3)

If you look for a title, "Elvis Found Alive"

Then you will see here, this is no jive;

Watch the DVD, hear his music on CD too,

And you can catch up more about this Elvis news.

What happened to our Elvis is plain as day

He could not go on any other way,

So do the search....."Elvis Found Alive,

And you will know.....This is no jive.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th May 2015 (#)

Too famous just to fade away from our memories, some tend to live forever - siva

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author avatar Bets
28th May 2015 (#)

I agree Siva and this one has. Please feel free to look it up and listen as well to the CD. There are 15 songs and when one hears that voice they know he is the king of r&r, Elvis who is now Jesse. Thanx for your comment. :) Smiles, Bets

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author avatar Retired
28th May 2015 (#)

Elvis Presley is the undisputed king of rock 'n roll and I've no second opinion about that.

His works are immortal and will continue to prevail beyond eternity.

Lovely poetry and what a beautiful way to remember the legend. Cheers and thanks for the share.

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author avatar Bets
29th May 2015 (#)

You're welcome Joyesh. I welcome you. Appreciate your comments.

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