Embracing The Knowledge Revolution: Putting a Price Tag on Your Ability

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In today's world, knowledge has become a commodity. We exchange ideas in the information superhighway that is the internet and at this point, with the presence of more venues than was possible before, we are now trading our abilities.

Knowledge Revolution and Today's Society

Peter Drucker in his book "Post-capitalist Society" mentioned that we are now in a transition state, in a new kind of revolution referred to as the Knowledge revolution. Just as the industrial revolution is characterized by the increased use of machines to increase production, Knowledge revolution is characterized by use of human knowledge as the driving force of the economy.

We may not be fully aware of it but many of us will attest that the trend today is more on innovations. By innovation, this means our progress is driven by knowledge. The rise of software industries is a good indication of this. I have no expertise in economics and business but I did notice, as a lot of others might also have, that there are plenty of businesses today that are based mainly on ideas, software. These industries utilize less, even none, of physical and natural resources to have a product. Instead, their product is made out of human soft ideas.

Interestingly, even the most common persons can take part of these changes that are going on worldwide. There is so much knowledge that anyone can trade, from highly technical trades like software and web design to as common as article writing.

What can also be said today is that anyone has the potential to compete as long as he posses the knowledge and the drive to use his abilities. Opportunity is not something scarce today, and what was perceived as limits before is reduced to hazy blur.

Indeed, what must be the most profound effect of the Knowledge revolution on the common man is the capacity to trade his personal know-hows and use his abilities as an ingredient to breaking ideas. Anyone and everyone can help himself and trade in this world. This does not even require personal capital because today, whoever possess the idea, capital comes after them.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Sep 2012 (#)

Knowledge spreads so much faster. The world is the oyster for the nimble-footed. Even well known universities are eager to travel the world in search of opportunities with top visiting professors to add to the allure. Good share - siva

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