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Emerald is a variety of Beryl crystal which is found in various places around the world...


However it is rare to get and an emerald out of the Beryl mines and this is the reason that this green shiny gemstone is considered to be one of the precious stones.

Emerald are deemed to be the most precious stones by many people and experts around the world. Although the bulk of diamond wound be expensive as compared to emerald when weighed carats. However emerald can get precious beyond imagination. This is because emerald are already rare and most of the emerald have inclusion with in them.

It is extremely hard to find a flawless emerald and if found it value can surpass even the most expensive diamonds around the world. This is the fact that makes many feel emeralds are precious than diamonds. And some times such flawless emeralds can even make an expert say "priceless".

Emerald are very brittle and soft crystals. They can break very easily and can be scratched. They are also not very resistant to heat. This is the reason that extra care is taken in the manufacturing of emerald studded jewelry and the repairing and polishing of such jewelry is also costly.

Emeralds' value can be determined using the standard 4C method used to evaluate most of the gemstones. However many gemstones unlike diamond do not follow strictly thye 4C method of evaluation. Color and Clarity are the main things that are checked when finding out the value of an emerald.

Like is said emeralds, naturally have fractures and inclusion with in them and absolutely clear emeralds are very rare and valuable. However sometimes you may find emerald with inclusions expensive as it guarantees the gemstone to be natural. This thing is valid if it has a good color.

The best cut emeralds are known to be rectangular shape. This shape is sometimes called emerald shape when other gemstones are cut out in this shape. Emeralds are certainly precious and it is always advised that you get some experienced person with you if you are out to buy a genuine emerald.


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