Emerging From Darkness

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This is a descriptive narrative I wrote in my college Comp and Rhetoric class that my teacher asked me to try and publish. It is about overcoming the obstacles I faced and a teacher helping guide the way.

Emerging From Darkness

I was a weak caterpillar that crawled my way into the fifth grade. “Heather’s boobs are so small they curve in instead of out,” was one tease used often. Thanks to my stomach problems, I did not get the height as many or was endowed with blooming breasts like other girls. The torment from the children caused my hair to fall out from the stress. There were also many nights filled with cries and a soaked pillow before Mr. Sandman would come to visit my room. A caterpillar needs nourishment to grow to eventually become that beautiful butterfly.
Fifth grade started with a new teacher, like every other year previous. Her name was Ms. Renee’ Grant. I instantly thought, “How cool, she has one of my names!” I guess this gave me reason to believe the year would be awesome, but that perception soon changed. I was still being bullied with comments like,” Look at the midget.” I was not evolving from the sluggish caterpillar. The vomiting and migraines gradually got worse. To top it all off, the mid-semester report cards came out, and I got a “C”.
After the “C” incident, I felt even more discouraged about the year. The Para-pro room had a big, ugly green couch that the principle had given me permission to lie on when I was not feeling well. This is where I spent most of my time. I evolved the room into my cocoon. This solace place was where the magic of metamorphosis would occur. I didn’t realize at this time that severe depression can take a toll on a person’s body. It did mine that year. I kept losing weight. My hair thinned out, even more than before.
One day after lunch, my aliments overwhelmed me. My head beat like a symphonic timbre drum. The vomit in my mouth was pungent. All I wanted to do was sleep. The stench of dirty, old socks vanquished the couch. The laminate smell lingered in my nose. Then, the door swung open just as I began to get comfortable. Ms. Grant rushed over and demanded, “Get up!” I could not respond. The abrupt entranced engulfed my thought process.
“Heather, you are better than this. You are too intelligent of a student to just mope around and take pity upon yourself.” Without taking much of a breath, she continued,” Don’t you realize I gave you a “C” because you are never in class? It was not due to your grades, but your participation.” I began to weep like a child that had been refused sweets in a candy store. I didn’t understand why she was being so harsh. Did she not realize all the medical problems I have to deal with on a daily basis? She ended her speech with,” You will get off this couch, sit in my classroom, and rise above all of this! You have potential and you will never find it lying on this couch in a pit of sorrow.” I couldn’t argue; I just followed her. It didn’t seem so at the time, but those were the most encouraging words I ever received from a teacher.
By the end of fifth grade, I had begun making beaded jewelry, particularly bracelets. Ms. Grant bought three from me. My doctors put me on quite a few medications that seemed to be helping. Ms. Grant and my parents encouraged me to take the music test to be in the band for sixth grade. I started becoming more social to the other kids, so they did not ridicule me as much. Best of all though, I finished that year with an “A” in Ms. Grant’s class.
I came back to Thomson to visit some family. It was a few months before I was set to graduate high school. The family decided to dine at a local soul food restaurant called Ivey’s. I was smiling bigger than the Cheshire cat with joy to gorge on some down south food, but when I walked through the door, I was even happier that Ms. Grant was the first person I saw. I sprang forward into a sprint to give her a giant hug. She still wore the bracelets I made on her petite wrist. She said she had been waiting to take them off until her first class graduated.
Several more years had gone by until our next encounter. I made the decision to move back to Thomson from Rome, Georgia. I moved back into the old house I had grown up in with the idea I would fix it back up to the beauty it once was. Being the butterfly, open to express myself, I walked the cul-de-sac and straight-away of the neighborhood to introduce myself to the new homeowners or reconnect with familiar faces from my childhood. The last house I came to, the one directly across from mine, was a family’s home by the name of the Crockett’s. It was my fifth grade teacher, no longer Ms. Grant. Marriage had transformed her name to Mrs. Crockett. She had a few younger children and a tall, dark handsome husband.
Now-a-days, I just call her Mrs. Renee’ and so does my daughter. I look to her as an inspiration to my life. Her speech tremendously impacted the way I deal with my disabilities. The rebirth from the speech, allowed the caterpillar to begin to develop wings. Breaking free from the pupa, I see them as abilities now because I know that’s what makes me special in my own way. I am no longer in the state of stagnation, as the caterpillar. I live to better myself on a daily basis. Living life to the fullest is no longer just a vague daydream. Because of that fifth grade experience, I know I can accomplish anything. Emerging from darkness, the weak caterpillar escapes from her cocoon to be seen as a beautiful butterfly. I am that butterfly and I can fly as high as I ever imagined.


Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, Gastroparesis, Inspirational Story, Teachers

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author avatar blakablaka8586
I am 27. I have one beautiful little girl named DeBella. I suffer from two GI Disorders called Cycylic Vomiting Syndrome and Gastroparesis. I use writing as a way to escape from sickness!

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author avatar Bobby
8th Mar 2013 (#)

Get use of a metaphor!! This story is very encouraging for any people with challenges they face! Love it!

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author avatar Crawfish007
8th Mar 2013 (#)

Wow! Now I know why you're so determined in everything you do! I love it!

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author avatar Stacey
8th Mar 2013 (#)

An amazing writing!! Love it!!!

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author avatar Nancy Lea Hardin
8th Mar 2013 (#)

This is a beautifully written piece of work. I could feel all the emotions expressed, I felt like I was right there beside that sweet lil girl! You should continue to write, you have a gift.

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author avatar Teresa
8th Mar 2013 (#)

Heather is my niece. She lived with my family & i for a short time in Rome.We loved having her so close in our lives.We are very proud of the young, beautiful lady that she has become.God Bless you! Love, aunt t

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author avatar Crystal
8th Mar 2013 (#)

That is amazing Heather!!! And that is exactly you! I knew you could do anything you wanted too and be great at it! I love to see how far you have came in life!!! "Love you like a circle that never ends"

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author avatar Kittie
8th Mar 2013 (#)

Great story Heather. Very encouraging. Your a very strong person, and a great writer. Keep on following your dreams!

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author avatar Ashleyann
8th Mar 2013 (#)

I'm so proud of you Heather this is awesome and so encouraging!! Keep on writing, growing, and striving for more!!! I love you!! <3 your sister :)

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author avatar BridgettePrince
8th Mar 2013 (#)

Heather you did a great job writing this story!

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author avatar Kinz
8th Mar 2013 (#)

Outstanding, Heather! Not sure if you knew, but you have always been a butterfly. If anyone ever ridiculed you it was only because they didn't want you to realize what a powerful force you are. You had your wings long before the fifth grade, even though u didnt think you were flying. As a child I often watched you in awe as you juggled beauty, music, athletic ability, intellect, and humor all at the same time. I'm glad that you can finally see the priceless you that I have always seen.

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author avatar LOVERME
8th Mar 2013 (#)

I could never imagine
so many outside the gate so iron,
enter to praise you
you seem to be enjoying good weather..

yesterday I saw a teenager,
boobs sagging
almost touching the ground
I wondered if they were for real

so don't worry
this note poem is in a hurry
I may return
if you too read my poetry

in your turn

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author avatar English Teacher
13th Mar 2013 (#)

A very excellent writing!! Hope to see more of your work in the future. You take Care...The English Teacher :)

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author avatar Wayne Ellis
10th Apr 2013 (#)

Heather, a great piece of writing. Life throws different obstacles at each of us. There are those who will cower down and allow those obstacles to hold them down, or sometimes to completely destroy them. Congratulations on your finding the strength at that young age and having a caring friend who offered the guidance you needed at that moment in your life. You're a great young lady. You've conquered other obstacles later in life and many are proud of your perserverence. I am but one who is proud of your accomplishments. Best of luck in your lifetime, friend. Again, a great expression of your feelings in written words!

Wayne Ellis

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