Emma's morning

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The frantic morning activities on my behalf have began

please be a little gentle

Spend the day with Emma
Hi and thank to you for coming to visit with me again. I was going to walk you through a typical day with me, but I would like to back up and go through the night first, if you don’t mind.
Let’s start at around six pm that’s usually when they pull me in my big old itchy recliner out of the hall and hoist me into bed. One caregiver grabs me under the arms another grabs me under my knees then they do a semi circle and plop I am in bed, kinda reminds me of watching my field workers pick watermelons and toss them into trucks. Now I am in bed and my caregivers proceed to roll me back an forth inching my clothes off and cleaning my privates simultaneously, they are pretty good at that, when they finish they tell me to have a good night and they leave the room. One of these days they will turn off the light when they leave, I hope.
Just about the time I feel myself slipping into slumber a nurse comes in and informs me that she has to take my vital signs. She wraps the cuff around my arm and pumps it up till I can feel, yes I can still feel just cant move, I can feel my veins being pressed into my bones by that blood pressure cuff. Then she sticks a thermometer into my mouth holding it while simultaneously holding my mouth shut, since I can’t. It is at this time that I realize my caregivers forgot to take my dentures out. She jots down whatever & wishes me a goodnight and leaves the room. No light out. I again get close to sleep.
A few minutes later a young lady comes in, Hi Mrs. Cherry Im going to empty your drainage bag I’ll be quick about it , have a good night. Finally I get to drift off for a few when my two caregivers come back in. Mrs. Cherry its ten o’clock time to turn you to your left side. So one gets on one side of the bed and the other on the other side. The one on my left reaches over me and grabs hold to the turn sheet underneath me and pulls it up and across my body which automatically turns me to my left side while at the same time the other caregiver wedges a pillow under my back and buttocks to hold me in place. Then they come around and adjust my arms and legs into favorable positions. As I said before, these two are pretty good. A few months ago I had a young man turn me without using the turn sheet, he pinned my arm up under me which twisted my hand and I think broke a couple of fingers in the process. No one ever knew I could not tell them or cry out in pain so I suffered in severe pain for quite a while. The nurses attributed the bruising to my being accidentally bumped into the bed rails and applied ice. Forgive me I digress. After being turned I try to shut my mind down again, when a young lady in a lab coat comes in and says, I have to draw some blood from you Emma. I was silently furious, who was she this young upstart to be calling me Emma? You are not my Mother or any of my family young lady to you I am Mrs. Cherry. If I could move I would slap her face so hard that she could see where she was going and where she had been at the same time. Well She did her thing and left. I see by the big clock on the wall that it is almost midnight finally, I can always count on getting a couple of hours sleep, I think the staff must take their lunches and do their reports during these wee hours cause im pretty much left alone. I know they will be in at four to turn me again so off I go to sleep. Now you have some idea of what my nights are like and I promise the next time you come we will hit the morning.

Ps be fore you go---My ex roommates husband was telling her that he went down to sign up for social security this morning, but had to tell the intake worker that he had lost his wallet and had no ID. He said that the intake worker felt his chest kissed him on the lips and approved his application. That’s all it took for her to approve you said my ex roommate to her husband. Yes he replied. Then my ex roommate said to him, you should have dropped your pants she probably would have approve you for disability too. See you all next time for Emma’s morning


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author avatar Ruby Hawk
26th Jul 2010 (#)

Thank you for sharing Emma's Morning, very interesting.

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author avatar Sam Bralley
26th Jul 2010 (#)

very good read...I'm still laughing snooky,

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author avatar Retired
28th Jul 2010 (#)

A humerous yet very sad look at such a disability. Well done.


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