Emperor Obama's New Clothes

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An opinion piece on President Obama's recent Executive Order on immigration reform.

"But, he isn't wearing anything at all!"

Our Emperor has a new set of clothes. Like the Emperor in Hans Christian Anderson's tale his new clothes are invisible to those unfit for their position, hopelessly stupid or incompetent. Like that Emperor, Obama cares about nothing else except looking good. But, as he's claimed of his administration it is all transparent. In the tale it took a young child to see the undesirability of the Emperor's posture. Like the child, I say, "But, he isn't wearing anything at all!"
Obama's policies and pronouncements have come to light for what they are… LIES! Others are taking up the call, now that they realize that Obama is stark raving naked.

emperors posture

Nobody believes a liar

Our Emperor has just signed his Executive Order giving approximately 5,000,000 illegal aliens amnesty. He sugarcoated his description of the illegals in his speech two nights ago. He also had the audacity to quote Scripture even though he is a secularist. By his own admission, captured on video 25 times in the past, he has no authority to do this. He wrongfully blamed the Republicans for making him do it. MORE LIES!
He sounds like the boy who cried wolf from Aesop's fables. What he doesn't tell us is that he could've done this through the House of Representatives and the Senate when the Democrats had control of both. Now he has been warned as evidenced by the results of the recent midterm elections. As the villagers of the fable warned the boy, "Don't cry wolf."
But, he continues to lie. The American people have become wise to this. Obama continues to cry wolf. Now we, like the villagers won't come to his aid. It has all come down to what the old man in the fable told the boy after the boys' sheep had been scattered by the wolf, "Nobody believes a liar… even when he's telling the truth!" Whenever Obama finally gets around to telling the truth it will be too late.

Nothing to lose

What is wrong with our president? I think it is a combination of arrogance, moral superiority and the fact that he now thinks he has nothing to lose. His latest Executive Order will not be viewed by history kindly.

The deluge brought on by our Emperor

I believe that he views himself as the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the dike. The boy saves his country by putting his finger in a leaking dike. He stays there all night long in spite of the cold, until the villagers find him and make the necessary repairs.
But, this time I'm afraid that we will all be caught in the deluge brought on by our Emperor.


The Emperor's New Clothes

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Finger In the Dike

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The Emperor's New Clothes

Boy Who Cried Wolf


Finger in the Dike


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

Oh, come on Chip. You need to turn off Fox Newqs so you don't get sucked into believing their propaganda. Obama did what he did because the Congress, time and time again, refused to take aqny action regarding immigration reform. None! Nada! Zip! And - he is only doing what Reagan did three times, Bush 41 twice, and Ford twice. Same thing they did - but they were Republicans. He does the exact same thing Republican presidents did and they attack him for it. Give me a break.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

Obama's executive order on amnesty comes straight from the man's greed for power and ensuring at least 5 million votes for the Democrat party. It was a purely political power grab, through and through, whereby our president worked the system while expanding it beyond legal or constitutional limits for his personal and his party's gain.

The move shows exactly the kind of person who leads this country: the liar, the narcissist, the deceiver, the philosopher-king, the two-faced story-teller, the Marxist, the outlaw, the man so full of himself that he has people like Steve charmed with his false promises while leading them down the road to oblivion.

You're right about the president's arrogance and constant displays of moral superiority. He cares nothing about the sentiments expressed by ordinary Americans against his policies nor an iota of concern about the immigrants he's importing. Those in agreement with him are either the politicos who stand to gain politically, the stupid people mind-warped by liberal ideology, or the people living under the control knobs of government dependence.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

Excuse me. LeRain, but Obama has far from charmed me. He's a warmonger, just like Bush and Cheney, and frankly, I can't stand him, so stop; making assumptions when you haven't a clue where I stand. That description of Obama - liar, narcissist, deceiver, outlaw - sounds like an absolutely fitting description of Dubya to me.

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