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Our thoughts can make or break us so lets control them and shape our future! lets dump junk thoughts and empower ourselves with positive thoughts!

You can carve your own destiny!

Can you predict your destiny? The answer is a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’. There is very interesting argument attached to it. The ‘Yes’ is for your present actions which are going to shape your future and the ‘No’ is for the past actions on which you don’t have control any more.
In compliance with the proverb ‘As you sow so shall you reap’, your past actions have repercussions , they are bound to come back to you in some or the other way. The Law of Motion holds good for Law of Action as well. The ‘karma’ theory in the Hindu scriptures reiterates this notion. How you handle those repercussions is completely in your hands but the fact that they’re destined to come back to you is not in your control.
However, the good news is that you can shape your future. Your thoughts have the power to change your world. On an average, an adult has about 70,000 thoughts each day. Quite a number I would say! I say ‘average’ because the number of thoughts varies with age and mental activity. Spiritual gurus and people who have learned the art of meditation, for achieving higher goals in life, can actually reduce this number . They can limit the number of thoughts that strike their minds, they look calm and composed…don’t they?

Whats cooking in there?

This is the life cycle of a thought-
It’s conceived in your brain----you put them into words….you perform an action ------the action decides your behavior- your behavior forms your character---your character shapes your future!
In a nutshell, a single thought has the power to change your destiny. Your thoughts are your inner world. You can explode or restructure your world with your thoughts. Let’s say , somebody gives you a bad news. Your reaction to the news will depend on what instructions you give to your brain….typically, either the circumstances ( outer world) will overpower your thoughts(inner world) or it will be the other way round(it rarely happens!). It’s very difficult to maintain that aura of eternal bliss irrespective of the circumstances. There are spiritual gurus all around the world who practice this. In India , we call them Yogi which is derived from ‘Yoga’. So , Yoga is not just about breath management, meditation and bodily postures . It’s a complete science of understanding your inner world!

Mind your thoughts!

If we look at the thoughts that come in our mind, you can categorize them as
Powerful thought- which can change your world, its for keeps!
Junk thought- it just randomly comes to your mind…you just need to send it to ‘recycle bin’ of our brain! Discard it! Do away with it!
Negative thought- you need to replace all negative thoughts with positive thoughts and make sure they do not stay in your brain for long. They can ruin your time, energy and health too! Negative thoughts ooze out unwanted chemicals in your brain and have the potential to create havoc in your life. So, you need to control that adrenaline flow!
Weak thought : A positive thought, if weak, can fade out. Boost it up with your confidence! Think straight and empower your thoughts.
Happy thinking!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
14th Apr 2014 (#)

great piece thank you...

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author avatar Retired
15th Apr 2014 (#)

Thoughts are really powerful. They become our words and eventually they become our deeds so we must be very careful dealing with our thoughts.

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author avatar WOGIAM
15th Apr 2014 (#)

Very true words. It reminds me of an old saying that we are what we think.

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author avatar ritzwitz
16th Apr 2014 (#)

Exactly. Our thinking changes many equations in life :)) Thanks for the encouragement.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
20th Apr 2014 (#)

always and please write some more...happy "Easter...

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