Endangerment and Extinction of Wildlife.

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Wildlife is worth protecting, conserving and preserving because of the numerous importance it has on man and the environment.

Endangerment and Extinction of Wildlife

The term "wildlife" encompasses many things to different group of people depending on their field of specialization, but for the benefits of this article, wildlife is seen by environmentalist as all organisms that occur in their wild state.

It is normally restricted to animals, particularly vertebrates which are animals with backbones and a little is mention in respect of invertebrate which are animals without backbones. These animals includes, Tigers, Giraffes, Monkeys, Drills, Bohor reed buck, Roan antelopes, Chimpanzees, Secretary birds, Eagles, Lions, Leopard, Elephants and Gorillas.

Heavy hunting and poaching for bush meat and partly because of our widespread destruction of our virgin forests, reduce them in numbers and their habitats are threatened which has been the reason behind the few remaining ones of these animals disappearing to areas they could find a conducive habitat.

There are other threatening factors other than hunting and poaching that are responsible for the mass exodus of these species. These are discuss below.

DEFORESTATION: Due to man's quest for development, and man's activities as a result of his survival or existence on earth, the advent of industrialization, urbanization and population explosion has been a major impingement causing destruction and or deforestation of the virgin forest that was the habitats to this species, these has caused their movement in search of a good and favorable grounds.

ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: Harmful substances are emitted into the environment, such as industrial waste, poisonous gases, automobile fumes, raw sewage, agricultural fertilizers, oil spillage and many other chemical discharges threatens endangered species and cut short their life expectancy, thereby forcing them to seek for refuge elsewhere.

MINING AND CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES: Mining activities, especially where heavy machinery and explosives are used as well as road construction and urbanization also threatens wildlife movement.

LOGGING OPERATION AND SHIFTING PATTERN OF AGRICULTURE: The world's rainforests has continued to received setback because of the activities of agriculture. The rich heritage of our rainforest trees and wildlife continue to depreciate as a result of deforestation, over-grazing and over-cultivation which has caused a displacement and subsequent death to these species especially, plants, animals, birds, reptiles and insects.

HUNTING: Over the years, hunters are a major destruction to our wildlife, they have exterminated millions of these species through their nevarious activities. In Nigeria hunters have exterminated monkeys and other wildlife to their reduction in numbers. This same havoc have been the case with North African elephant, lions in Greece, hippopotamuses in Nubia, bears and beavers from Britain and wild oxen in Eastern Europe. Also, hunting for lucrative trade in wildlife parts for traditional oriental medicines contributes to a large extent to the elimination of wildlife species.

Humans rely to a large extent on the million of animals and plant species for survival and development. The forest are habitat for a great variety of wildlife which are sources for economic, recreational and aesthetic value to man.The forest also play a very important role in the balance of nature and furnish us with many important products. The flora and fauna of the earth ensures biodiversity and equilibrium in the ecosystem.

Wildlife supplies twenty percent of the animal consumption of protein to man. The recreational value is jet another important function that wildlife has done to man. Our tourism potentials for leisure and relaxation depends a lot on wildlife as people enjoy viewing animals in their natural state.

National parks are now places regarded as tourist attractions. This is also an economic value as tourism bring foreign exchange into parks destination countries. The aesthetics and beauty of the forest can not be complete without the mention of wildlife as it adds to the natural beauty of our forest.( Franca Obi 2001).

The scientific value of wildlife is also quite significant as students and scientists utilize wildlife for research. Drugs are also tested on animals before they are administered for humans consumption.

In view of the above stated importance of wildlife to man, it becomes crucial at this point to be collective in the protection of these animals from extinction. Therefore there is the need to conserve both animals and plants through conservation education, selective killing of wildlife,control of bosh burning and creation of national parks and forest reserves.

Local people should be involved in the protection of wildlife, so as to get their commitment , loyalty and cooperation.Suitable agricultural practices will also help as well as enforcing the laws on poaching and wildlife, such as the endangered species law and others.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
11th Oct 2013 (#)

It is a shame that human greed is destroying so many species, we need to realize that we are a part or nature and need to preserve it!

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author avatar micheal
12th Oct 2013 (#)

very well written, and all very true

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author avatar Hanson
13th Oct 2013 (#)

Thanks! for your comment Mike

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