Ending of Grief !

Shashi Mehta By Shashi Mehta, 17th Oct 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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The poem conveys how our own griefs are ended when we help others.

Healing of an old wound

I began my day
playing with children and singing with them
Their verses of rhyme

After the day’s work
I strolled with friends and laughed with them
At their hilarious jokes.

In the solitude of night
I drained cup by cup the festive drinks of wine
In the best of my humor.

Thus went by, days, weeks and months.
I sang, I laughed, I enjoyed.
Yet something missed.

Then of a sudden blew a wind
That greened in a rush of reminiscence
The Wound of an old grief.

My heart ached, my strength collapsed
And the streams of tears burnt my cheeks.
Thus I cried on and on and on.

The sun rose, the night fell and rain ceased to fall
But my eyes red with crying and all swelled up
Would never cease to rain.

Tears left their marks, tears washed their marks.
My soul shivered, begged and appealed.
yet my wound would never heal.

In the course of weeping I never knew when I fell asleep.
when the first ray of sun kissed my face
I opened my eyes and heard thee saying:

You must cry at times to be kind and humane.
Your pain will make you sensitive
To the pain of others.

And that day I helped a lame boy over a stile.
And seeing tears in his eyes, my eyes welled up too.
Its then I felt my old wound healing.

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author avatar Retired
19th Oct 2011 (#)

On cuts of pain I blow a cure,
Wounds to wisdom to endure.
To feel the love and the vibe,
In moments that I can't describe.

To feel the love, to cry a tear,
To know within me you are here.
To close my eyes, to feel your vibe,
With a smile I cannot describe.

For that is when I open my heart,
To feel the love that will never part.
For you are always alive in there,
My passion's plant I tend with care.

Bringing it to life to make it real,
A tangible dream to touch and feel.
To spread your name to all four corners of Earth,
To feel the passion across the hearth.

For my love for you is pure and real,
Each experience beautiful surreal.
Hearing your voice just brings a smile,
A moment of happines to last a while.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) 20th October 2011

This is how I cope with parting in life. I go to my Perfect World and bring beautiful moments alive out there.

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author avatar Bets
7th Nov 2011 (#)

Good writing. I am always looking for new terms, different meanings for which I now can bring this up, where you wrote, "That greened in..." have not heard this term before now. Very clever. Smiles, Bets

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author avatar Shashi Mehta
7th Nov 2011 (#)


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author avatar Delicia Powers
3rd May 2012 (#)

Beautiful poem of deep feelings and wisdom Shashi...thank you

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