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One definition of an essay describes it as a composition that focuses on a main topic.

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Essay is a form of short, narrative writing that expresses information and facts, a person’s opinion, and daily life observations. According to Wikipedia, the word “essay” comes from the French word “to attempt” which makes sense since an essay is a writer’s attempt to put his ideas on paper. An essay is a form of prose writing. One definition of an essay describes it as a composition that focuses on a main topic. There are three kinds of essays. The first kind of essay is the personal essay which tells about the personal experiences of the writer, objective which shares the writer’s opinion on a certain issue and giraffe style writing which is writing in a form of spirals and patterns. Writing an essay may seem hard, boring and a lot of work. But in reality it is not as bad as you think it is. At first writing an essay may seem overwhelming and complicated specially if you’re not too much into writing but if you take on it step by step, writing an essay can be fun. It is simple to write an essay especially if you know the right ways of writing a one.The first thing you should do is to do a lot of research. It is important that you use more than one reference incase one reference was wrong. A good research gives your essay factual advantages. The next thing you can do is just write down what you’ve learned in your own words, keep in mind you’re only doing a draft so it doesn’t have to be perfect. The third step in writing an essay is arranging and editing you can read your essay and check for any misspellings or wrong grammar.

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