Enough Room

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This is a short story about a young man who only wanted to be handsome and liked...to any cost.

To any price...

He was almost as smooth as a beautiful piece of silk, and there was no use on denying such a charm; everybody was able to feel it as soon as he put a feet on the room. There was no girl who never dreamt about to dancing with such a handsome man under the blinding lights. But yet, he never showed any kind of emotion towards those girls who could die for just one kiss from him.
Most people thought he was only a very shy guy, perhaps trying to hide a painful past under a cold mask of absolute indifference. And he let everybody believe it… After all, such a belief was better than let everybody know the dark secret lying inside his slim body.
He knew it was better living a life having to fake normality every day, to tell some poor soul his secret to always look so youthful… Not that he was greedy or something of that kind. It was just that he was determined to don´t let anybody make the deal that gave him a good looking body, along with eternal youth. Indeed, the guys were jealous of him, and the girls were in love with him, but yet, he felt his body filled by waves of an overwhelming sadness.

There were days when he just wished he could turn back time, and just be the shy boy no one looked at. Yes, living in the shadows was bad, but not as bad as having lost his soul in exchange of a vacuous dream of popularity. However, there is no use on having regrets. The one who now owns the soul of the young man is more than determined to never let it go. After all, there is always enough room in hell for that kind of smug souls.

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