Entertainment: A complete exploration

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What is entertainment? How huge is this domain? What opportunities does this domain provide? Find everything in this section


I have been writing for quite a sometime and it is important to keep a track of articles which I have written. In the process of keeping a track of the topics on which I had written, I realized there was a pattern which emerged in the entertainment section, just like my previous articles on health and gardening. Entertainment for different people is different. People find entertainment in movies, sports, games, chatting/gossiping, music, hanging out, reading, etc. This classification made me realize that I have got articles in many of the entertainment section and the way they address this section is variable both in the scope and domain.


Among the various entertainment ways, my most heavily explored domain is sports. There are several sports played around the globe. I tried to specialize on Cricket “The Gentleman’s Game”. In this domain also I focused main only Indian cricket and that too on its performance. I had tried to analyze its performance from various aspects like captaincy (S Ganguly, MS Dhoni), opponents (Australia, Sri Lanka), Players (A Mendis, S Tendulkar, V Sehwag, MS Dhoni). This in itself was a very shallow coverage of such diverse area but considering the role which India plays in World cricket, this information should be decent. Some other aspects are the performance of women in sports, in which I only considered cricket and tennis, and Indian Hockey.


In movies section people commonly try to look at two aspects, the review on any movie and source of getting that movie for free. I have covered both the sections in my articles, but on deeper analysis I find that I have covered free movie source bit more comprehensively as compared to movie review. The free movie sources have been provided for variety of languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai. But, movie reviews have been narrowed to only Bollywood section that to restricted to very few movies. One of the possible reasons is that high level of credibility is needed for people to trust the review. Secondly, this section is highly dynamic and dedicated efforts are needed to maintain the reviewers. Finally, presence of IMDB and various other movie reviewers makes it all the more challenging for anyone to enter in this domain. I have also tried to explore other domains not commonly explored like the making of the movie and quizzes on movies. They were the good experience and would possibly write more on them in future.


Games have been one segment which was not very highly explored by me but all the exploration has been beneficial. In this I have tried to write reviews on the games related to sports, strategy and multi-player role playing games.


Other segments of entertainment were either not explored or were explored insignificantly. In reading section only exploration which done on Harry potter series, in which different aspects like logic, interesting points and future impact were discussed. In conclusion, I have got some experience in this section and feel lot more hopeful in making the right decisions on the domain and segment I should explore in future.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
13th Feb 2012 (#)

The Net is vast place to learn various thing and all you need to do is pay attention and read.
I have played Cricket and its not just a gentlemen's game but also a girls game (I played it in the 90's). The only reason you don't see the intermingling is because of biological purposes as there is a lot of touch and feel that goes on and they cannot afford the electricity and lightening effects taking place during Game Time..
Hockey originated in India BTW... They are all the games of balls. There are so many others like Billiards, Table tennis, baseball, volleyball etc. So you could widen your horzon to check out other sports rather than the one game with 11 people people playing on either teams and 11000 fools watching....
While I am all for the easy accessibility of movies, etc. it is a good idea to take the actors, actresses, the producers and the crew into consideration when you download as they are the ones who are losing revenue by pirated ideas and movies.
As an artist myself, I can vouch for this as i have been malicously targeted and some of my works have actually been used for spurious lewd porn fantasties of an avid pornstar. I have brought a lawsuit against them too.
With regard to Games, go to www.gamasutra.com and learn your way around gaming. Its got the technical aspects for gaming and that is what I used to use when I was in the gaming industry.
With regard to Harry Potter, think of it as a fantastical autobiographical thriller which has excerpts of personal lives embedded in the story. You may not know it but that is exactly how artists create what they create.
What you should explore is the deeper recesses of your mind and find out the source of your creativity and then work on it using the Internet to get the idea alive.
That is how things are created, sports people are made (through practice), games are made (by constant upgrading) and books are written.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
5th Mar 2012 (#)

Interesting thank you

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