Essay on God’s Existence

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Do you believe in God? What do you know about God. Can science and religion coexist together?

The Existence of God

What do you know about God? Is God some powerful being that punishes those who defy Him and rewards those who obey Him? Is there really a God who created us or are we just existent because of some phenomenon that happens in nature. Do we really need God to know what is right and wrong? Can we really find the truth in our purpose in life by having faith in God or is Science the one that will provide proof and answers to our questions?

Science and Religion

Most people believe that science and religion are like oil and water; they cannot mix. Since the beginning of time the conflict between these two are not pleasant. One good example is the issue about creationism. The Church believes that God created us by words, saying “let there be light” and there was light. This implies that we are created from nothing which contradicts one of the fundamental laws of science that something cannot come from nothing. Science however has some things their equations can’t explain, it is the exact time of creation that the Church always point out. Although science and religion are disagree on many things, ironically they have the same goal and it is finding the truth about life.

I believe in God. I believe that there is something powerful that is beyond our understanding. I feel the presence of the divine work through us that makes us connected together. We may have different religions and we practice different rituals but our faith is not random but is universal because we all believe that there is a powerful force behind all things. It is just that we happen to be born of a place and therefore adapt the religion it practices. Faith is something that takes time to build and therefore hard to take away so we cannot simply say that there is no God because there are years of faith that can back it up.

There are also things that faith can do that cannot be explained scientifically. It just goes to show that there some powerful force at work and we do not know what it is or if we can ever find it out. Knowing something beyond our understanding, brings on the wonder that we have if we continuously discover things when we were a child.

God, Buddah, Yahweh, the Force or whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure: that there is something that is powerful that is beyond our understanding. I believe that as human beings, because we are very limited can never understand something as great as God but we can understand that He exists and is among us every single day.


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