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All we love to find some comments ....earnings are minuscule ....the number who view.... none can say did actually read you...

all we love

Some nice comments just share

very good joke
it only proves
that we will have to obey heavenly laws

all men become ducks there
quack, quack, quack

still we need one of the opposite sex,
same sex is banned
returned to earth
for continuation and research

you seem to be a pragmatic sexual guy ….
while globetrotting and trotting
excuse me for the pun…
at night across a variety...
but I learnt one thing

women in East and mid-west are PASSIVE….
whereas Western ones are grossly active ….
now it's for you to define
per your gf's experience

sex in West is like having a cup of coffee
and Eastern gals are still a trophy

comments ala

Love is essence
but still all love roses
married and unmarried
all seek love
there is no love without some pain

we all still love enjoy
be ye a girl or a boy

all say ahoy
come sailor boy
love here enjoy
bring a lovely toy
then with love
you may toy..

your muse
may, many confuse
still love is profuse
you are a great connoisseur too
who shall help all a voyeur
to find one
such a one
lovelier too…
each arrow will pierce
as it did Juliet
simply ask Romeo
who was left so terse

the apple is that hangs
in men’s lower region

the serpent is the volatile penis
then sex was taboo now all is in the open

God wills
free sexual relations...
between man and woman...
the world misfires, the word gay...
which meant to be

beautiful verses of love
if only one man and woman
could survive life long
there would be no excess population

wow so many eh!

at times I feel
the Gita and Gautama Buddha
reveal the essence of life

we all strive
some get rewarded
some just hope to
then comes, that everlasting...
feeling of hopelessness,
just accept
as you have nothing else to do
Almighty Lord God may then,
Bless you

some hope in their after life too.
Shiva you are one of the learned few.

it is beyond my station to comment...
on such knowledgeable one like you
but I know no one learns
from history
it's sheer waste of time
and money

all want to make money
then fall
they have made so much
for after the fall...
most of all seven generations
what will happen to 8th, ask some...

back to him
do not hide
always share
for your walk here
is just limited
soon we will all be back
in Gods care

I read so many more
than I now compose
they give me the intravenous dose
so that I may dreamily compose.

sharing is giving

we write to share….
to compare ….
to send our views
we write to relieve our stress
as some in sex do
we have so many ways
and needs to write
we all wish
everyone read us too

we hope all moderators think of us
as the best and give us stars
for the ego we must inflate
lest our desire to compose or write
does deflate..

an Epic
that keeps on trailing
a river like
never ending story
I have coined many words
I don't worry for those
who think they are more knowledgeable than I
as I am a classic
of my own kind

if you ever compose an eulogy for me

it will EPICURIAL be

that thou shall die
ere the last sojourn,
I ain't going to cry

as you are not yet gone…

who knows my love and kiss
will send death a miss
you shall awaken in my arms

what a bliss twill be
when once again
you are besides me....


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Meet the author

author avatar LOVERME
The one and only LOVERME
Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my way

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Jul 2013 (#)

finally published
worked for a star
not worth it

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
16th Jul 2013 (#)

you are so amazing with your writs dear Loverme....thank you....

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Jul 2013 (#)

it's an honour
you do so see me
thanks cnc

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
16th Jul 2013 (#)

I know it is a Star you sneak. The earlier problems you mostly fixed, One being capitalization in the title and also an odd link error. There still appear to be two awkward links. Adding a section of Links to 2-3 of your related poems would be better and should earn a star.

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Jul 2013 (#)

thanks shall have a relook
NO star
is ok by me
after all ur the Judge
not I.Mark

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author avatar Mariah
16th Jul 2013 (#)

Beautifully composed maestro
in thy unique and compelling style of verse. refreshing upbeat.. sincere.. soulful
Bravo my friend

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Jul 2013 (#)

I realy love ur maestros and bravos and so thankos

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Jul 2013 (#)

What a ride Loverme and thanks for my mention too! Life's ups and downs are for everyone - none is spared; the higher one rises the harder is the fall! We can keep learning but when we breathe our last we do not know whether that is the real end - so no time to lose - go after our passion; let not others judge as along as they are left alone! siva

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Jul 2013 (#)

i am a humorist
a laff at my expense
I don't mind
as so many too smile

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
16th Jul 2013 (#)

Nice poem....,there is no love without some pain... a quote by the most famous poet."The course of true love never did run smooth."
-William Shakespeare

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Jul 2013 (#)

great quote
did u have pain too
or u gave it only

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author avatar wonder
17th Jul 2013 (#)

Ideas are kites we hold from the air, release them back up there.They aren't solely mine, share with love and responsibility and enjoy too.A
nice share.

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author avatar LOVERME
17th Jul 2013 (#)

thanks u r back from no where

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author avatar Delicia Powers
17th Jul 2013 (#)

flowing down the halls of time, your poetry and thoughts echoing LOVERME...

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author avatar LOVERME
17th Jul 2013 (#)

thanks for your everlasting ...river like flowing appreciations happy I feel
when you all read me
thanks to thee

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
20th Jul 2013 (#)

Feel it within you,
It moves the heart.
Showing everything,
That will never part.
Where all of Creation,
Now show the truth.
The Joy of Life,
None can refute.

With walks of innocence,
Pure deep in heart.
Showing the beauty,
That will never part.
For I am eternal,
I Create this world.
I am who I am,
I love truth unfurled.

Where I am mortal,
With Immortal in blood.
I create my destiny,
River in flood.
Bringing in the mirror,
That shows all the face.
This is who I Am,
Loves' Truest Embrace.

Hold me completely,
Compose my love.
Show the Universe,
Brought from Above.
As I am who I am,
The Giver of Life.
Proud to be honoured,
As the Creators' Wife.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 21st July 2013

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author avatar Mk
9th Sep 2013 (#)

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