Eternal Flow

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I know not the meaning of life
Or if there even is one at all,
If our dreams are imaginary
Or are memories from a time we can’t recall.

Eternal Flow

Eternal Flow
BY Jack Necron

Wandering, lost, unable to find my soul’s fire
Torn between realities and desires
I was a ship, adrift in life’s boundless ocean
Waves pulled me in every direction
And the winds whispered in conflicting diction.

I was young and restless
At that tender age of uncertainty
Gripped by anxiety and angst
My heart was neither half full
Nor half empty.

It was then that my grandfather
His history glimmered within silver hair
Experiences glowing in his eyes
Stories of old echoed through wrinkles
Had me pull up a chair
To receive his counsel.

He said to me:

I can’t tell you what road to take
Or what awaits at the end of them,
If you are being led astray
Or what choices to make.

I don’t know if there’s a paradise called Heaven
Or a woeful realm named Hell,
If our souls are filled with light
Or we are just hollow shells.

I know not the meaning of life
Or if there even is one at all,
If our dreams are imaginary
Or are memories from a time we can’t recall.

I’m not sure where the world is headed
Or if we will witness it,
If it will be the fabled utopia
Or the future eternally dreaded.

But what I do know is this:

From the point you’re born
And as you continue to grow
Actions and choices are imprinted
Left behind like footprints in the snow
The ones that intersect and touch others lives
Are the ones you need to follow.

The events you will encounter
Will shape you like a mold of clay
Some with steady, soft hands
Placing times you’ll want to replay
Others with rough, jagged nails
Leaving scars that will last to this day.

The way this tide works, it never changes
We are all caught up in it, an eternal flow.
Whether you are letting it carry you
Or are pushing against it
It’s much like love; you’ll just know.

Even when you are at your darkest days
Getting the sense that everything’s gone
Try to hold your head high
Don’t allow yourself to be withdrawn
Always remember that no matter what
The sun will rise the next dawn
and that your life never truly ceases
Even after you are long gone
The story written upon your life’s pages
Those who cared about you, pass it on.


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author avatar Jack Necron
I am a writer/poet and photo editor/artist. I am a philosophical, laid back guy blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Sep 2014 (#)

Our epitaph is not written by us but we have to swim with the tide. In depth and poignant - siva

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