Europe’s Move Toward Fascism – Oh When the Thugs Came Marching In

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In 2007, I took a World History class. Our weekly task was to write an essay, pertinent to the week's reading assignment, yet tied to current events

Benito and Adolf - The Biggest Bullies on the Block

In 1922 Benito Mussolini became the first fascist dictator to seize power of a European country in the post-WWI era. In fact, he coined the term fascism, based on the fasces, a symbol of unity and power in ancient Rome. Mussolini basically connived and bullied his way into office as the Prime Minister of Italy. Once there, he systematically placed his cronies in positions of power until he had complete control of the entire country. As he tightened his grip on Italy, political opponents were brutally silenced. Propaganda and violence became the staples of government control. Mussolini’s iron fisted rule lasted until he was deposed in 1943 after serious military setbacks and a vote of no confidence.

Mussolini’s Italy became the model for numerous bullies in Europe during the 1920’s and 30’s. Tyrants in Spain, Romania, Portugal, and Romania (just to name a few) followed their own respective versions of Mussolini’s totalitarian model. Most notably, Adolf Hitler used Mussolini as a model for his vision of the Third Reich. Mussolini even rendered aid to dictators in the form of military assistance to put down rebellion. Although the visions of each dictator may have varied, somewhat, the basic tenets remained the same. The State was the absolute and the head of state could use any and all means to maintain control. Individuality was dismissed and all citizens were expected to report any violations of party policy. Military bullying of weaker neighbors was a God given right.

Resist the Urge to Follow

The rise of fascist regimes in Europe, along with economic and social upheaval experienced by various European nations after WWI, set the stage for the bigger and bloodier conflict of the 1940’s. Various criminals, thugs, and madmen seduced and/or bludgeoned their respective nations into submission. Their inhumanity to opposing voices was unmatched. Their voices are still heard today through the rants of budding dictators throughout the world. Unfortunately, several of them are right here in America. The First Amendment protects their right to spout hate and deny the crimes of their heroes.

We must remember that people like Saddam Hussein and Tom Metzger started their political careers as nothing more than petty criminals. We as a nation must teach future generations to retain freedom of thought and individuality, and to resist the siren song of neo-fascism in the face of social or economic hardship.


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24th May 2011 (#)

hear hear. if someone is busy creating and being productive, they do not have time to scapegoat other races and nations..

EXCELLENT article.

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24th May 2011 (#)

Thank you, my friend.

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