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No matter what all things have to face to time called evening


See the sea its wasters can emit a very thunderous roar
But no matter what they will later come to rest on a shore
Just show not matter how serious or grave the situation
This will at someday come to some form of termination

There is no better sight to see those birds soaring or flying
And there is so much joy listening to the sound of their singing
But as soon as the shade comes to denote that it is evening
How swiftly they seem to return to their nest for resting

And during the day those flowers their bright petals spreading
On can smell the aroma as well as the beautiful colors they are displaying
But as soon as the daylight departs this happens without failing
Those petal close and those flowers for the night is retiring

Then look too at those workers hurrying to work in the morning
Giving of their best as each at this specialty professionally performing
But as soon as the clock’s had indicate that the day’s work is ending
This is usually around evening time and so they will be departing

What a good picture it is to see those animals on the feeling such a beauty
Grazing in the sunlight add such a plus to the breathtaking scenery
But as soon as the sun sinks below the watery horizon
They too will find a place to rest signifying that evening has come

Our live too have that bright and golden ray of the sunshine
And like the cloud we sail across out life’s sky in time
Then that bight spark of youth goes into that process of fading
We too will have to face that reality that we are approaching that evening


Close, Ending, Final, Terminal

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author avatar Esther Thornburg
19th Jun 2013 (#)

Yes, nature needs no clock to display its rhythm and perfect timing.

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
23rd Jun 2013 (#)

Yes what a wonder is nature

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