Everyday Living: Starting Off On the Wrong Foot

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Life never is the same. It keeps changing and in that change there is something we all want. Adjusting to this change is necessary as one has to keep up with time.

Beauty of living

We plan our time everyday with high precision and allocate material to carry out our plan. In simple terms, we remember to take the towel with us when we go for a bath. Bawling out “Bring the towel please”, is a familiar cry of anguish that every household witnesses. It is the same with newspaper too.

Morning coffee is not the same without our newspaper. It adds to flavor of coffee and refreshes our mind… coffee also does that but it takes time. It helps to cover your face when Dad comes around. He will immediately begin his tirade on housework and things to do.

Home is where you are free to come and go as you please. You have no worries and cares… that is if your younger brother and sister are not around. Really, it is their house too, isn’t it? Trick here is to get him and his video game going. It works everyday, at least with my brother. Then there will be no more sounds and disturbances from that corner of the house.

Sister however is a tricky customer. She knows all lines that will result in my getting into a fix. To avoid being stuck on a sticky wicket, I just wave a book and point in another direction. Then I mention how mother wants to get on with her housework. This ploy works most of the time, though sometimes she wants to know what I am reading.

We dodge past each other tugging at things we must have for our day ahead. We are all pressed for time. Sis wants the new iPod, bro has already snagged the laptop and I need to make it Darcy’s before anyone comes and buys up all of their new phone covers.

To put things in perspective, we always end our day on the same note we began it. Time does not play a part. But somehow, we do not seem to start things on the right foot always. Nevertheless, there are mountains to climb and new horizons to discover.

Another day has begun.

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Bachelor, Christian, 53, settled in Madurai, India, like to watch football and tennis on TV. I also have occasional walks but try to read the Bible daily. For amusement, I read the newspaper.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
22nd Jun 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar snerfu
22nd Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern Cheers

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
24th Jun 2014 (#)

Love this one! I was at my parent's home with my sisters (and brother) on Sunday. I have difficulty keeping the conversation to "safe" topics, and we are all very passionate about our differing views. We managed to get through dinner and had decided to play cards. But one sister was trying to engage our brother in conversation while playing, and the other sister had grown tired of listening to my brother's voice. (The latter two still live with my parents.) We finished that round of cards and one more, then the sister and I who don't live at home left. There is only so much sticking your foot in your mouth and biting down you can do before you just ought to take the bloody stump home, don't you think?
Anyway -- great piece, I enjoyed it.

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author avatar snerfu
24th Jun 2014 (#)

Family is always fun though sometimes you cannot ace it. We pick up little pieces that are intact and treasure them.
Nice to hear from you Phyl.

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