Everything Reminds Me Of You (Poetry)

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You love someone so much it hurts. You try everything in your power to forget them but it isn't that easy. Everything still reminds you of them.

Everything Reminds Me Of You

As I lay upon my bed, I gaze out the window at the stars in the night sky
They remind me of you and I start to cry
I remember all the times we took a midnight stroll
Walking hand in hand without a care in the world
When I was with you, time seemed to stand still
I know it's been a long, long time
But it feels like only yesterday that you promised me the world, then cruelly snatched it away
It broke my heart the first time I saw you with someone else
She was the new girl that you called 'the one'
I wanted to try and make you jealous, and make you want me as much as I wanted you
So I went and bagged myself a new man
Paraded him around in front of you and your friends
But when I was with him, I could only think of you
And when I was kissing him
I was wishing I was kissing you
I didn't want anyone else to be 'my one'
No-one was capable of mending my heart but you
Everyday I tore myself apart, thinking about what I could have done wrong
The pain of losing you was taking over my life
I would've died to have you back
And believe me when I say
I tried everything in my power to erase the memories of you and I
But nothing seemed to work
Because everything in my life still reminds me of you...

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author avatar Sandralee
19th Jul 2012 (#)

Sad that your heart aches so. Look into your self and see that there is more to you as a mother. Your relationship if meant to be will come. And if it takes to seek comfort else where. By all means follow your heart and passion for writing. I look forward to reading more.

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author avatar Lethal_Dose
10th Apr 2013 (#)

we may be 24 years apart but I bet our tears are close in numbers

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