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Few days later, Marzeus gets an email from a Dakira Weban at ABSA bank. Their attitude is enough to make one hurl with having your faith shocked in mankind's banks.


Though written in a diplomatic and slapped-on friendly tone, it's obvious they are still always pushing one's patience to the end. For one, the letter reads "we have been trying to contact you all day on your cellphone", when the cellphone only has ONE missed call on it. Secondly, according to this letter, they have suddenly decided to send Marzeus an "ex-gratia" amount, which just happens to be in the exact number of the stolen amount.

Marzeus can feel that "ex-gratia" means some bull, and when he discusses it with his father afterwards, he gets angry all over again. According to his father, ex-gratia means that this amount is a present to Marzeus because the bank is just so nice and they want to give this gift to Marzeus because he's such a cute customer to them. Nothing about them admitting guilt with it. They're just taking chances again sending Marzeus this rubbish instead of just admitting their guilt and rectifying it by giving his money back, plus INTEREST! They completely and deliberately ignored any talk of interest. ABSA bank is absolute scum.

However, Marzeus just wants this to be over, so he signs the form attached to the email. Of course, he first changes the wording, taking out any "ex-gratia" rubbish. The darn nerve of those scum. The resolution, as he types it in, will be that ABSA send him a cheque immediately by post.

He faxes the form on 8 December 2009, hoping for better days.

But of course, the month goes by and he receives no cheque. And now he's already faxed the signed form that also states he'll abandon any claim in respect of that complaint.

Marzeus vows to never, ever open another account at this bank. He also remembers once, about two years ago, when he talked to a consultant at ABSA bank, looking for a good investment account. ABSA bank had a whole long list of "products", yet when he asked how these have been doing, the consultant told him outright that people were really angry because they kept paying into their investment accounts, yet there is never any interest.

After this experience of his own with the bank's "investment" accounts, he's starting to suspect all they do is collect money from customers and then make all the profits and interest they can with it and take it all for themselves, then tell the customers at the end of the investment terms that their investments didn't make any money, or lost money. Meanwhile the bank obviously wouldn't hold all these "investment products" and accounts, if they weren't pocketing huge amounts for themselves with it. It's just Marzeus's personal belief now that ABSA bank may be one huge scam.

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