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Advances in technology is something that should not be avoided in this life, because of technological advances will be run in accordance with the progress of science. Each innovation was created to provide positive benefits to human life.

The Technology Benefits

Provide a lot of convenience, as well as a new way to human activity. Specialized in the field of technology people have enjoyed many benefits brought by the innovations that have been produced in the last decade. However, although it was originally created to generate positive benefits, on the other hand also allows the use of a negative thing. Please read the descriptions of the two things below on "The Two Impacts of Technology".
Technology is a tool that is used by humans to meet their needs. Some of today's technology is the development of ancient technology that is often used in everyday.
As for example just a communication tool, used to use telephone communication technology which is a communication tool that consists of two separate parts, namely to the one is to hear, and which one to talk. But the phone has been progressing, and has now turned into a mobile phone, which can be taken anywhere.

Today's Technology Possibly Used in the Future

Therefore, the development of technology that turns into today's technology has developed rapidly. Many of the technologies developed so much to help people to meet their needs. So no wonder, if many scientists or experts continue to develop technologies for future technologies. Well, here are some of today's technology that may in the future will continue to be used. In addition, here I will describe what impact that may influence the development of today's technology. Following there are some important things of the Present technology Possibly Used In The Future:

  1. Personal Computer (PC)
  2. Perhaps many people think PC's are items that are not reliable. But this one, just the PC is the best tool is helpful to complete your job. Because the PC has a secure privacy, besides the PC has a longer durability than any gadget.

  3. Wi-Fi
  4. Wi-Fi is short for Wireless Fidelity, has a standard set used for Wireless Local Networks (Wireless Local Area Networks - WLANs) based on IEEE 802.11 specification. The latest standard of specification 802.11a or b, such as 802.16 g, is currently in preparation, the latest specification offers many improvements ranging from broad coverage further up the transfer speed.
    Since 1997, the Wi-Fi was found so many have developed this technology. So now the notebook, PC < Smartphone, even television was able to connect with this Wi-Fi. Despite its many smartphones are already using LTE technology, but you will still need Wi-Fi.

  5. E-mail
  6. E-mail stands for Electronic Mail which means the correspondence over the Internet. E-mail is widely used for reasons easily and quickly sent to the destination. E-mail does not require paper or stamps, but rather simply type through the keyboard and within seconds after it is sent, the letter will reach the goal despite receiving distance and thousands of kilometers, without limitation of time and space.
    E-mail has since been found to have tremendous benefits. Thus, the predicted E-mail will remain beneficial and remained in use in the future. Because the email, we may give information or letter quickly to others.

The Two Impacts of Technology

The Internet as a medium of communication is a function of the Internet's most widely used where any Internet user can communicate with other users from around the world.
But sometimes the internet as well as a media provider of information on matters relating to cyber crimes, piracy, and so forth. And here the both of technology impacts below:

  1. The Positive Impacts
    • The Internet As Media Liaison
    • It is undeniable that if the Internet is very attached to us. Because the Internet has so many functions. With the internet, we can communicate with people who are far between us, we can exchange files, emails, or connection. Or
      the media data exchange using email, newsgroups, ftp and www (world wide web - networking web sites) of Internet users around the world to exchange information quickly and cheaply.
    • Ease of Trading
    • One of the effects that we can feel is the ease of transactions with our customers. Ease of payment, ease of delivery, to the ease of finding order. Because we can use the Internet, or make use of SMS Banking can be utilized at any time.
    • Ease of Finding Information
    • With the technology of today are growing, we can look for information with the utmost ease. We can search for job information, natural disaster information, information exchange rates, up to the traffic information. The point is the media to seek information or data rapid development of Internet, making www as one of the important resources and also ease of obtaining information on the Internet so that we know what happened. It may be used as land information for education, culture, and others.

  2. The Negative Impacts of Technology
    • Access Pornography
    • This is a very fragile thing in today's technology. Due to easy and free internet, can facilitate children to find pornographic content that can be bad for our children later. Therefore, families are encouraged to or parents to always supervise Reviews their children.
    • Online Fraud
    • It is also very prone to happen in today's technological world. With the constantly evolving technology, criminals also use it for its own sake. They develop technology to commit a crime that can have a negative impact on others. Therefore, we expected to be alert to things like this.

So then, it may make a person especially those involving pornography addiction and can spend the money because the addiction only to serve. So the Internet depends on the wearer how their use of the technology, but should there must be limits and norms must uphold although contact with the internet or in cyberspace.
Following a video of "The Impact Of Information Technology On Education and Entertainment". uploaded by: BannHammerd

More videos about technology impacts just go and find here!.

Conclusions and the Data Credits*

Technology in human life Some understanding of the above it appears that human life can not be separated from their technology. That is, that the technology is a whole way of rationally lead to characterize the efficiency in every human activity.
Technological development occurs when someone uses the tools and wits to solve any problems that it faces. For example, it can be argued world technology expert opinion on technology development. Understanding technology can be generally classified into the following three important things:

  1. Processes that increase the value-added
  2. Products used and produced to facilitate and enhance the work
  3. Structures or systems where processes and products that are developed and used

For more information you just go and read more here!.

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